Clipper Will Be Accepted on County Connection Buses Nov. 1 – County Connection

Clipper Will Be Accepted on County Connection Buses Nov. 1

It’s official

The four East Bay bus operators – County Connection, Tri Delta Transit, Wheels and WestCAT will begin accepting Clipper cards for fare payment on Sunday, Nov. 1, 2015.

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20 thoughts on “Clipper Will Be Accepted on County Connection Buses Nov. 1

  • This is wonderful news. This will be a big convenience to having to have cash on hand for buses when my pass expires or gets used up. Now I can just use my clipper card.
    Thank you for accepting clipper cards.

  • Hi County Connection. Will you please add Youth Value Passes and a different cash value price rate for Youths since Clipper knows the difference between adult and youth passes. Will you please, please, please do it soon, as in tomorrow soon? 🙂

    • County Connection doesn’t have youth fares, that’s why there are no specific youth products for our system on the card. Sorry.

  • Express bus in the morning plus Bart transfer in the afternoon is $3.25. Will I be charged more with the Clipper card?

  • So, the clipper card is good for 31 days, no matter how long it takes to use it up? Also, what is the one-way disabled fare? My daughter is disabled and would need the card about 16 days/month.
    Thank you for doing this!

    • The monthly passed are 31 days. So if you purchase your pass on today (11/5/15) and first tag in on the 7th, it will expire on 12/6/15. Way more convenient than the calendar month pass.

      The cash fare for seniors and disabled is $1.00. There are no senior passes that can be loaded on Clipper, but the day pass accumulator will only deduct $1.75 from the cash value loaded on to her Clipper RTC card if she makes 2 or more trips a day. Does you daughter have the RTC card? If so it is Clipper enabled – if not, she needs to get one. Our office and send you the application.

  • I’m excited too!! Can seniors purchase clipper cards at walgreens? If not, where is the county bus office. Please help.

    • No, the retailers like Walgreens and Whole Foods don’t distribute the Senior cards because they have to be registered by the agencies. Our office is located at 2477 Arnold Industrial Way in Concord – right off Port Chicago Hwy by the golf course.

  • Happy to see Clipper finally arrive on County Connection. But I don’t see the “Commuter Card” bus-to-and-from-BART product on Clipper. It would be nice to be rid of the paper punch cards and station machine tickets.

    • The commuter card is not a loadable instrument on Clipper. The four agencies only have the monthly passes. But if you are using both BART and the buses, the transfer discount is recognized by the bus reader so when you get on the bus after exiting the BART train it will deduct $1.00 from the cash value – or if you load the East Bay monthly pass it just posts that it’s free.

    • If you are referring to the Route 602 series buses that are operated by County Connection, yes Clipper can be used on these buses.

  • when will your bus accepts clipper. its already way past the announce date and still the bus is not ready to accept the card and i was caught off guard because i didnt have loose change to pay

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