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County Connection Riders Do It Again!

GoGreen_1200x1200_1In February, County Connection bus riders reduced CO2 emissions by 30,384 pounds EVERY WEEKDAY.

Each person does make a difference. With a system average trip length (one way) of 5 miles, each person who leaves their car at home and uses the bus will reduce CO2 emissions by 4.6 pounds. One person – one day a week can make a difference. Give the bus try! It’s easy…download the free mobile app from our home page to get real time arrival predictions for buses near you.

2 thoughts on “County Connection Riders Do It Again!

  • will there ever be a route for the crossings/turtle creek area in concord like when the county connection first begin its service?

    • Unfortunately there are no plans to put any new unfunded service in place anywhere in the system. For many years County Connection tried different approaches to serving this area, with very little success. At this time if we were to put in new service, we’d have to cut it from some other route.

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