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County Connection Riders #GoGreen

GoGreen_1200x1200_1The August numbers are better than July! County Connection riders reduced CO2 emissions in August by 22,699 pounds each week day – a difference of 1630 pounds per day over July figures. Way to go!

Every trip makes a difference!

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  • That’s great, you could also increase ridership by having free days occasionally (what about first Monday of the month?) to lure new riders. Plus, the lack of Clipper: I take CC from DVC after teaching late classes and I often find I have nowhere to get change, if I have not set 4 singles aside in the morning for CC I will be stranded at DVC at 10 pm and have to take a cab. Why make taking transit harder? It should be made easier. Also: if the 98X stopped at DVC it would I’m sure increase ridership. It is the best way tp DVC from BART but I have to walk 20 to 30 minutes to get to campus from where it lets me off.

    • Thanks for all your comments. I’ll try to address them all.

      The Marketing department tried several times to promote free transit days in a predictable manner (ride free on the first) but was not approved. The loss of fare revenue was not supported.

      Regarding Clipper…MTC is working with the East Bay bus operators (County Connection, Tri Delta, Wheels and WestCAT) as we speak, and they plan to have Clipper up and running on our systems by late 2015 – we’re all excited and anxious.

      Now about not always having exact fare…why don’t you buy a discount pass – they sell them in the bookstore – that way you don’t have to worry about having exact fare and you get a modest discount.

      Finally, not too long we proposed making changes to several routes – including the 98X, that would have included the bus coming into DVC rather than stopping on CC Blvd., but in the end, the changes were not approved citing the extra time it takes detracts from the express nature of the route.

      Hope this helps.

      • Lots of students take Route 98X rather than Route 9, because they can get to DVC quicker, plus they know that walking is the best exercise.

  • i cant wait for CC to use clipper cards. that would be totally awesome i use clipper card for BART and if CC could use it that’d be awesome.

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