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County Connection’s CoCo Pass

Coco-pass-for-Feature-2Welcome To County Connection’s CoCo Pass

County Connection’s CoCo Pass is a low-cost way for central Contra Costa employers and residential communities to offer a transit benefit for their employees and residents.  The CoCo Pass gives holders free access to the local public transit system reducing the need to drive and resulting in less traffic and a better environment. Any employer or residential community, with more than 50 employees or residents, can purchase the passes for less than $12 a month per person.  A key element of the steeply discounted pricing is 100% participation.

County Connection operates bus routes 7 days a week connecting communities in Central county to seven BART stations, major employment centers, schools and colleges.

Participation in the CoCo Pass program fulfills the employer’s requirement to offer commute benefits, and providing the pass to residents can help developers qualify for green certification.