Do You Still Purchase A County Connection Monthly Pass?


If you still purchase the County Connection Monthly Pass (paper version) consider getting it on a Clipper Card. Why? Because on Clipper the monthly fare instruments are 31-day “rolling” passes. That means you’re not restricted to a calendar month. If you load your pass in the middle of the month it will be good for 31 days from the day it was first USED, making it more cost effective when planning vacations and around holidays when typical transit patterns are interrupted.

The 31-Day Pass (the East Bay Value Pass) is accepted on County Connection, Tri Delta, Wheels, and WestCAT fixed-route buses. They can be loaded on your Clipper Card monthly at your discretion, or set up to “Autoload” so you don’t have to worry about remembering to make the purchase. You can get the East Bay Value Pass for Regular or Express fixed route buses.

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