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Faces of County Connection-Meet Sophia

Sophia.1158 small.Meet Sophia

When Sophia came to County Connection 15 years ago she was amazed to learn that many of her co-workers had been here for 15 years or more. She thought this must be a great place to work. Now here it is 15 years later and she knows her first impression was right.

Customer service is #1 with Sophia. “I have a good way with people so that even if they’ve had a bad day, I can usually coax a smile out of them”. She truly enjoys her job and the people she serves, and it shows.

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  • Hi There
    I have been riding CCCTA buses for a long time and its always a JOY to ride Sophia’s bus. She is most friendly and Cheerful bus driver. Very attentive to us riders. Thank you for recognizing her on this site. It was a pleasure to read this article.

  • I love Sophia she is an amazing driver and person! I always feel so blessed when she is driving the bus. Love girl❤️❤️❤️

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