Free Wi-Fi Now Available On The Buses


It’s taken a while but free Wi-Fi service is now available on all County Connection fixed-route buses. This is part of the real time improvement project which began two years ago. The free Wi-Fi service is secured through the sprint network. Now accessing the internet, email and social media accounts will be seamless. One note…hearing from some people that it’s slow, so if a lot of people on the bus are using the network (rather than their own) or streaming video – it will slow down.

6 thoughts on “Free Wi-Fi Now Available On The Buses

  1. I am grateful for this service; however, unfortunately even when there aren’t many passengers, the wifi is extremely slow.

  2. The Wi-Fi is always never there or really bad. I use the bus to come home from school and it’s a 10-40 minute wait, on top of that they say here they have Wi-Fi but it’s barely ever there.

    1. Sorry to hear. Where are you traveling. We know there are some pockets of the service area where the signal strength is weak.

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