Holiday Service Schedule – County Connection

Holiday Service Schedule

Please Take Note Of Holiday Service Schedule

County Connection buses will run the following schedule during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday:

  • Sunday, December 25, 2016 – NO SERVICE
  • Monday, December 26, 2016 – Weekend Service (No Express Routes)
  • Sunday, January 1, 2017 – NO SERVICE
  • Monday, January 2, 2017 – Weekend Service (No Express Routes)

The Route 4 Free Trolley will operate the extended hours as posted on Monday, December 26th.


9 thoughts on “Holiday Service Schedule

  • As noted in previous comments, the other SF Bay Area run weekend or holiday schedules on Christmas. No bus service that day further isolates the old/poor/disabled who can’t drive. That day is a major family holiday and no public transportation is a sad reflection on society’s and CCCTA’s values.

  • I cannot believe you offer NO bus services on Christmas or New York’s. How are the people who can’t drive going to get to where they need to go? This is discrimination to the disabled and poor.
    Shame on you!!

  • Your bus system on the weekends are very frustrating to someone who doesn’t drive and has to rely on your services. Your busses from Amtrak and DVC don’t coordinate together at anytime and it takes about two hours or more to commute to work or wherever. For example, the 316 comes at say 2:16 but the 314 already left and so did the 320. 314 left at 2:10 and the 320 left at 2:15. Now I have to wait anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes for the next bus to go anywhere where. This does not make sense nor is it fair to anyone that takes these routes. Especially if we don’t have any other options and can’t afford a taxi and not eligible for the Link. It’s bad enough that some of your drivers speed, are too early, or too late, but this on top of those things already mentioned above is just plain wrong to the general public and myself.

  • i do not drive and am old disabled and poor ! i was not able to visit my sister on a sunday when she was having chemo at john muir hospital – it broke my heart ! also – i do most of my shopping etc in berkeley because the buses r sooo much better ! i would love to shop in concord but its so inconvenient !

  • I am shocked by your company not having service on Christmas or Thanksgiving! How is your company going to solve this problem ? You are a public service but poorly serves. Late buses not on schedule also a big problem when one has to transfer to another route.

    • I understand your disappointment. There are 6 national holidays on which County Connection has never offered service. However, there are 6-7 other national holidays when many systems offer limited service where County Connection offers our regular service. These are holidays when most businesses are open and are those our riders rely on to get to/from work.

  • your service has steadily gotten worse over the years! It used to run until almost 11 at night. now you are lucky to find a bus after 730. you get subsidies yet you offer not holiday service. you suck

  • I understand people’s frustration with the bus system, but compared to Mobile, AL, County Connection is awesome.
    When I first arrived here and had to use public transportation I was excited how convenient it is.
    In Mobile, between 9am and 3pm the closest stop to my home is 2 miles away. There are some areas that are not serviced by busses at all, even though they are busy areas. It also takes up to 3 hours to get anywhere, even if its only 20 minutes by car.

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