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Impressive Ridership Gains On Route 5

Creekside 4 Red.Since revamping the service on Rt. 5 in Walnut Creek just over a month ago, the productivity has more than doubled. When measuring route productivity County Connection converts the total passenger count to “riders per hour”. On September 25, 2014 Route 5 carried 298 passengers, or 17.3 passengers per hour. In September 2013 the average number of passengers per hour was just 7.2.

One of the service recommendations that came out of the Adaptive Service Plan released in late 2013, was a shifting of service hours to provide more frequent service between the densely populated Creekside neighborhood and Walnut Creek BART. Additionally, the City of Walnut Creek offered to subsidize all fares on this route, making it the 2nd route in Walnut Creek that is free for all riders.

The changes made and generously supported by the City of Walnut Creek put the Route 5 on track to move from one of the least productive routes in the system to one of the most productive routes.



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