Advisory Committee – July 2019 – County Connection – County Connection

Advisory Committee - July 2019

Meeting Date: July 9, 2019

Tuesday, July 9, 2019
1:00 p.m.
County Connection
Gayle B. Uilkema Memorial Board Room
2477 Arnold Industrial Way
Concord, California

Click here to download agenda and enclosures

The committee may take action on each item on the agenda. The action may consist of the
recommended action, a related action or no action. Staff recommendations are subject to
action and/or change by the committee.

1. Call to Order

2. Agenda Approval

3. Approval of Minutes of May 14, 2019*

4. Public Comment

5. Consent Calendar: None

6. New Member Introductions

(Two new committee members have been sworn in from Pleasant Hill and the County.)

7. LINK Transition to New Service Model – Verbal Report

(Staff will inform the committee about a new service model with the new LINK contractor
Transdev, which started on July 1st.)

8. Draft Transportation Expenditure Project List*

(Staff will provide a summary of priority projects for consideration in the Transportation
Expenditure Plan.)

9. Update on Recent Bay Area Mega-Measure (FASTER) efforts – Verbal Report

(Staff will inform the committee about recent regional coordination on a new $100+ billion
Bay Area wide transportation tax to fund various transit improvements.)

10. LCTOP Funded Free Fare Service on Routes 11,14, and 16 – Verbal Report

(Staff will provide background on the new free fare pilot in the Monument Corridor.)

11. Update on Walnut Creek Transit Village*

(Staff will present an update on various issues and challenges concerning the new transit
Village at the Walnut Creek BART Station.)

12. County Connection LINK Coordination with Choice in Aging Program*

(Staff will inform the committee about a new demonstration project that will involve LINK
customers associated with the Choice in Aging Program.)

13. ADA – Monthly Reports

a. LINK Monthly Operating Reports – March and April 2019*

14. Fixed Route – Monthly Reports

a. Fixed Route Ridership Reports – March and April 2019*
b. Clipper Use Trend – March and April 2019*

15. Driver Excellence Program Winners

a. May 2019 – Anthony Crayton
b. June 2019 – Sandra Polk

16. Committee Member Communications

17. Adjournment – Next Meeting – September 10, 2019