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New Buses Are Coming Soon


The new 1500 series buses will replace the old 500 series busesNew buses are arriving on site daily and will hit the roads within the next few weeks. The 500 series of buses, which include the fleet used to provide the Bishop Ranch commuter service, is being replaced with new 40-ft. low floor vehicles. Immediately following is the 200 fleet of buses. In all 33 buses are being replaced. By the time most vehicles are replaced they’ve travelled over 400,000 miles in tough stop-and-go commuter traffic.


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  • Absolutely. Bishop Ranch subsidizes part of the service allowing greater frequency and has paid for uniquely branded buses for many years. But this remains a public service and is open to the public.

  • Shame to see the 500 series buses retired. They were so comfortable to ride in even if they weren’t the easiest to use when it came to loading wheelchairs, carts and strollers. But I suppose nothing lasts forever.

    • High floor buses are a thing of the past for public transit purpose for the reasons you state. But the nice new buses will be more efficient and reliable. The 500’s have served us well for 12+ years and are ready for “retirement”.

  • Hello…Sorry to change the subject but I don’t know where else to post this. Your online ticket purchase is not working today! Hope this can be fixed soon. I also E-mailed you about it. Thank you.


    • Hopefully soon. We are still working on getting the Clipper electronics installed as well as getting registered and licensed thru DMV.

  • The new buses are awful… I haven’t met a single person who likes them. They’re uncomfortable, fewer people can find a seat, and it’s painful for me to stand for 30 minutes. The seats are uncomfortable and they’re jammed together. Looks like I’ll be joining the rest of the commuters on the road. Oh well.. commuting by bus was fund while it lasted. Guess my carbon footprint will have to increase.

    • Sorry to hear. We know we lost some seats due to having to move from a high floor design to a low floor design. We upgraded the cushioning in the seats, improved hvac and LED lights. We will be monitoring the crowding factor on a trip by trip basis.

  • The new buses are not fucking awful.They’re not uncomfortable because my friends from Ygnacio Valley High School would like those buses better than old buses

  • The 500 series and 200 series of buses are getting replaced and are ready for retirement because they had been served 12+ years.

    • That is correct. The 500’s have been in service for 12+ years and are in the replacement schedule (with the 200 series buses).

    • The above article does give us a double message, either 33 or 200, or perhaps 233? Mary, please reply.

      • Sorry for the confusion. The 500 series and the 200 series buses total 33 vehicles and are being replaced at the same time. These 33 vehicles will take on a new number series of 1500-1532.

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