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Riders Increase Efforts To Reduce CO2 In March

GoGreen_1200x1200_4As County Connection ridership continues to grow, riders are making a bigger impact on the quality of air we breathe. In March, the people riding County Connection buses reduced CO2 emissions by 31,349 pounds every weekday.

Each person can make a difference. With the system average trip length (one way) of 5 miles, each person who leaves their car at home and uses the bus will reduce CO2 emissions by 4.6 pounds. One person – one day a week – can make a difference.

Give us a try! It’s easy…download the free mobile app from our home page to get real time arrival predictions for buses near you.

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  • The CA Drought has convinced many more Bay Area residents that greenhouse gases have caused climate change and have changed Earth Day into Earth Week Look for polls checking for a two-thirds vote on increasing the Measure J Sales tax from 1/2 cent to 1 cent on the 11/16 ballot.
    On a local matter consider dropping the FREE Route 5 trips leaving WC BART @ 10:38,
    11:23, 12:53 and 1:38 and replacing them with trips leaving WC BART @ ~11:00, ~12:00, 6:48 and 7:08. This is suggested because Route 21 follows much the same route as Route 5, Seniors/Disabled ride free 10-2 and the 6:28 Route 5 is SRO with young commuters.

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