Riders Increase Efforts To Reduce CO2 In March

GoGreen_1200x1200_4As County Connection ridership continues to grow, riders are making a bigger impact on the quality of air we breathe. In March, the people riding County Connection buses reduced CO2 emissions by 31,349 pounds every weekday.

Each person can make a difference. With the system average trip length (one way) of 5 miles, each person who leaves their car at home and uses the bus will reduce CO2 emissions by 4.6 pounds. One person – one day a week – can make a difference.

Give us a try! It’s easy…download the free mobile app from our home page to get real time arrival predictions for buses near you.

One thought on “Riders Increase Efforts To Reduce CO2 In March

  1. The CA Drought has convinced many more Bay Area residents that greenhouse gases have caused climate change and have changed Earth Day into Earth Week Look for polls checking for a two-thirds vote on increasing the Measure J Sales tax from 1/2 cent to 1 cent on the 11/16 ballot.
    On a local matter consider dropping the FREE Route 5 trips leaving WC BART @ 10:38,
    11:23, 12:53 and 1:38 and replacing them with trips leaving WC BART @ ~11:00, ~12:00, 6:48 and 7:08. This is suggested because Route 21 follows much the same route as Route 5, Seniors/Disabled ride free 10-2 and the 6:28 Route 5 is SRO with young commuters.

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