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Route 6 Detour on Sat. April 1 and April 8

As part of the planned road repairs Moraga Rd. will be closed in both directions between Saint Mary’s Rd. and Corliss Drive on Saturday, April 1, Saturday April 8, and possibly Saturday, April 15, 2017. Local traffic will be redirected to Rheem Blvd., Draeger Dr., and Corliss Dr.

Route 6 buses will detour along Draeger/Fernwood Dr. to access Saint Mary’s College in both east and west bound directions. The bus stops on Moraga Rd. at Corliss will not be served in either direction during the detour. The stops on Saint Mary’s Rd. at Saint Mary’s/Carter, and at the Library will only be served in one direction. In the Lafayette to Orinda direction the stops on the library side will be missed. In the Orinda to Lafayette direction, the stops on the opposite side will be missed.

Buses will follow the regular route during the week.

2 thoughts on “Route 6 Detour on Sat. April 1 and April 8

  • Will route 6, from Lafayette bart to orinda, be on the stated schedule for Saturday May 26th? Our grand daughter will be graduating from st marys. Am I right? The schedule seems to indicate a 19 minute ride. The school has warned us of overall heavy traffic. Anything you can tell us based on your experience?

    Thank you

    • Route 6 will be running the regular Saturday-Sunday schedule. Be sure to make sure you are looking at the weekend times when making your travel arrangements using County Connection buses. Customer Service will be available to answer calls on Saturday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 925-676-7500. The average time is about 19 minutes from Lafayette BART to Saint Mary’s. However, this is an estimate and traffic could result in the buses being slightly delayed.

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