Route 7 Is FREE Beginning Feb. 16, 2015 – County Connection

Route 7 Is FREE Beginning Feb. 16, 2015

Shadelands 2-RThanks to the property owners in the Shadelands Business Park, County Connection’s Rt. 7 buses will be free to all passengers beginning Monday, Feb. 16, 2015. Route 7 operates between the Pleasant Hill BART station and the Shadelands Business Park via Treat Blvd. and Oak Grove Road. Route 7 runs Monday – Friday every 15 minutes between approximately 6:30 – 10:00 AM, and 3:00 – 7:30 PM. To view the schedule and route map, click here.

12 thoughts on “Route 7 Is FREE Beginning Feb. 16, 2015

  • This is great news.

    If you’re within walking distance of the #7 and work at either end of the route where the business parks are then why not give it a try? The drivers are very nice and personable, and the trip in either direction is very quick, even with the morning and evening rush hour traffic.

    I started taking my son to daycare, and myself to BART, in the mornings via the #7. My son, who is 2, loves taking the bus and always says hi and bye to the drivers, which he doesn’t do with anyone else beause he’s so shy.

  • I recently moved to the area and I was making the short drive to BART Pleasant Hill until I discovered this free service. What a great free service for the community. It is convenient and fast and the drivers are super friendly. My only suggestion is that it would be wonderful if an additional westbound bus was added to the morning schedule since there is a 40 minute gap between the 6:38am and 7:23am leaving the Shadelands Business Park to BART Pleasant Hill. Nevertheless, this is a great service and I would highly recommend it to anyone that lives near this Route 7. Thanks!

    • So glad to hear from you. Thank the property owners of Shadelands – they subsidize the fares making it free for everyone whether you work in Shadelands or not. I don’t believe we’re planning on additional service, but will pass it on.

  • Do they only go from Shadelands to PH Bart and back or do they pickup and drop off along the way? Thanks.

  • This is a bus service I very much appreciate. Though I don’t work at Shadelands, I live near one of the stops and frequently use the bus to go to Kaiser, Trader Joe’s, the new Safeway and Whole Foods shopping centers, as well as the post office and banks in the Citrus shopping area. It is very convenient and the drivers are great. Thank you to the Shadelands property owners for the number 7 bus service.

  • Would deem it a great favor if you can provide the information of all stops for:
    Route 1 bus
    Route 7 bus
    Thank you.

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