5:30AM - 10:00PM
Every 40 min
Martinez Amtrak
Contra Costa Regional Medical Center
Alhambra Ave
Gregory Ln
Monument Blvd
Concord BART
Route 16 - Concord BART to Martinez Amtrak | Mon-Fri
Concord BART
Monument Blvd + Meadow Ln
Crescent Plz + Crescent Dr
Pleasant Hill Rd + Taylor Blvd
Alhambra Ave + Bertola St
Martinez Amtrak
6:03am 6:10am 6:21am 6:29am 6:39am 6:50am
6:43am 6:50am 7:01am 7:09am 7:19am 7:30am
7:23am 7:30am 7:41am 7:49am 7:59am 8:10am
8:03am 8:10am 8:21am 8:29am 8:39am 8:50am
8:43am 8:50am 9:01am 9:09am 9:19am 9:30am
9:23am 9:30am 9:41am 9:49am 9:59am 10:10am
10:03am 10:10am 10:21am 10:29am 10:39am 10:50am
10:43am 10:50am 11:01am 11:09am 11:19am 11:30am
11:23am 11:30am 11:41am 11:49am 11:59am 12:10pm
12:03pm 12:10pm 12:21pm 12:29pm 12:39pm 12:50pm
12:43pm 12:50pm 1:01pm 1:09pm 1:19pm 1:30pm
1:23pm 1:30pm 1:41pm 1:49pm 1:59pm 2:10pm
2:03pm 2:10pm 2:21pm 2:29pm 2:39pm 2:50pm
2:43pm 2:50pm 3:01pm 3:09pm 3:19pm 3:30pm
3:23pm 3:30pm 3:41pm 3:49pm 3:59pm 4:10pm
4:03pm 4:10pm 4:21pm 4:29pm 4:39pm 4:50pm
4:43pm 4:50pm 5:01pm 5:09pm 5:19pm 5:30pm
5:23pm 5:30pm 5:41pm 5:49pm 5:59pm 6:10pm
6:03pm 6:10pm 6:21pm 6:29pm 6:39pm 6:50pm
6:43pm 6:50pm 7:01pm 7:09pm 7:19pm 7:30pm
7:23pm 7:30pm 7:41pm 7:49pm 7:59pm 8:10pm
8:03pm 8:10pm 8:21pm 8:29pm 8:39pm 8:50pm
8:43pm 8:50pm 9:01pm -- -- --
9:33pm 9:40pm 9:51pm -- -- --
-- = No service at this stop
Service not provided on: Nov 28, 2019, Dec 25, 2019, Jan 1, 2020
Route 16 - Martinez Amtrak to Concord BART | Mon-Fri
Martinez Amtrak
Alhambra Ave + Contra Costa Regional Medical Center
Pleasant Hill Rd + Taylor Blvd
Crescent Plz + Crescent Dr
Monument Blvd + Oak Grove Rd
Concord BART
-- -- -- 5:37am 5:47am 5:57am
6:22am 6:26am 6:39am 6:47am 6:57am 7:07am
7:02am 7:06am 7:19am 7:27am 7:37am 7:47am
7:42am 7:46am 7:59am 8:07am 8:17am 8:27am
8:22am 8:26am 8:39am 8:47am 8:57am 9:07am
9:02am 9:06am 9:19am 9:27am 9:37am 9:47am
9:42am 9:46am 9:59am 10:07am 10:17am 10:27am
10:22am 10:26am 10:39am 10:47am 10:57am 11:07am
11:02am 11:06am 11:19am 11:27am 11:37am 11:47am
11:42am 11:46am 11:59am 12:07pm 12:17pm 12:27pm
12:22pm 12:26pm 12:39pm 12:47pm 12:57pm 1:07pm
1:02pm 1:06pm 1:19pm 1:27pm 1:37pm 1:47pm
1:42pm 1:46pm 1:59pm 2:07pm 2:17pm 2:27pm
2:22pm 2:26pm 2:39pm 2:47pm 2:57pm 3:07pm
3:02pm 3:06pm 3:19pm 3:27pm 3:37pm 3:47pm
3:42pm 3:46pm 3:59pm 4:07pm 4:17pm 4:27pm
4:22pm 4:26pm 4:39pm 4:47pm 4:57pm 5:07pm
5:02pm 5:06pm 5:19pm 5:27pm 5:37pm 5:47pm
5:42pm 5:46pm 5:59pm 6:07pm 6:17pm 6:27pm
6:22pm 6:26pm 6:39pm 6:47pm 6:57pm 7:07pm
7:02pm 7:06pm 7:19pm 7:27pm 7:37pm 7:47pm
7:42pm 7:46pm 7:59pm 8:07pm 8:17pm 8:27pm
8:27pm 8:31pm 8:44pm 8:52pm 9:02pm 9:12pm
-- = No service at this stop
Service not provided on: Nov 28, 2019, Dec 25, 2019, Jan 1, 2020