Route 335 – BART Dublin / San Ramon – County Connection
7:15AM - 8:45PM
Every 60 min
San Ramon Transit Center
Bollinger Canyon Rd
Dougherty Rd
Dublin/Pleasanton BART


Route 335 - San Ramon Transit Center to Dublin Pleasanton BART | Sat-Sun
Continues from route
San Ramon Transit Center
Bollinger Canyon Rd + Main Branch Rd
Bollinger Canyon Rd + Watermill Rd
Dublin Pleasanton BART
7:22am 7:35am 7:39am 7:52am
8:22am 8:35am 8:39am 8:52am
9:22am 9:35am 9:39am 9:52am
10:22am 10:35am 10:39am 10:52am
11:22am 11:35am 11:39am 11:52am
12:22pm 12:35pm 12:39pm 12:52pm
1:22pm 1:35pm 1:39pm 1:52pm
2:22pm 2:35pm 2:39pm 2:52pm
3:22pm 3:35pm 3:39pm 3:52pm
4:22pm 4:35pm 4:39pm 4:52pm
5:22pm 5:35pm 5:39pm 5:52pm
6:22pm 6:35pm 6:39pm 6:52pm
7:22pm 7:35pm 7:39pm 7:52pm
8:22pm 8:35pm 8:39pm 8:52pm
Route 335 - Dublin Pleasanton BART to San Ramon Transit Center | Sat-Sun
Dublin Pleasanton BART
Bollinger Canyon Rd + E Branch Pkwy
Bollinger Canyon Rd + Windemere Pkwy
Bollinger Canyon Rd + Bluehart Way
San Ramon Transit Center
Continues as route
6:58am 7:10am 7:12am 7:14am 7:25am
7:58am 8:10am 8:12am 8:14am 8:25am
8:58am 9:10am 9:12am 9:14am 9:25am
9:58am 10:10am 10:12am 10:14am 10:25am
10:58am 11:10am 11:12am 11:14am 11:25am
11:58am 12:10pm 12:12pm 12:14pm 12:25pm
12:58pm 1:10pm 1:12pm 1:14pm 1:25pm
1:58pm 2:10pm 2:12pm 2:14pm 2:25pm
2:58pm 3:10pm 3:12pm 3:14pm 3:25pm
3:58pm 4:10pm 4:12pm 4:14pm 4:25pm
4:58pm 5:10pm 5:12pm 5:14pm 5:25pm
5:58pm 6:10pm 6:12pm 6:14pm 6:25pm
6:58pm 7:10pm 7:12pm 7:14pm 7:25pm
7:58pm 8:10pm 8:12pm 8:14pm 8:25pm