Route 321 – BART Walnut Creek/San Ramon – County Connection
6:30AM - 9:00PM
Every 60 min
San Ramon Transit Center
San Ramon Valley Blvd
Danville Blvd
Walnut Creek BART
John Muir Medical Center

Active Alerts:

Effective: June 27, 2023

Ongoing construction on S Main between Newell and Creekside in both directions. Expect delays.


Route 321 - Walnut Creek BART to San Ramon Transit Center | Sat-Sun
Walnut Creek BART
S Main St + Creekside Dr
Danville Blvd + Alamo Plaza
Railroad Ave + Prospect Ave
Camino Ramon + Greenbrook Dr
San Ramon Valley Blvd + Purdue Rd
San Ramon Transit Center
Continues as route
6:36am 6:46am 6:53am 7:01am 7:09am 7:11am 7:20am
7:36am 7:46am 7:53am 8:01am 8:09am 8:11am 8:20am
8:36am 8:46am 8:53am 9:01am 9:09am 9:11am 9:20am
9:36am 9:46am 9:53am 10:01am 10:09am 10:11am 10:20am
10:36am 10:46am 10:53am 11:01am 11:09am 11:11am 11:20am
11:36am 11:46am 11:53am 12:01pm 12:09pm 12:11pm 12:20pm
12:36pm 12:46pm 12:53pm 1:01pm 1:09pm 1:11pm 1:20pm
1:36pm 1:46pm 1:53pm 2:01pm 2:09pm 2:11pm 2:20pm
2:36pm 2:46pm 2:53pm 3:01pm 3:09pm 3:11pm 3:20pm
3:36pm 3:46pm 3:53pm 4:01pm 4:09pm 4:11pm 4:20pm
4:36pm 4:46pm 4:53pm 5:01pm 5:09pm 5:11pm 5:20pm
5:36pm 5:46pm 5:53pm 6:01pm 6:09pm 6:11pm 6:20pm
6:36pm 6:46pm 6:53pm 7:01pm 7:09pm 7:11pm 7:20pm
7:36pm 7:46pm 7:53pm 8:01pm 8:09pm 8:11pm 8:20pm
Route 321 - San Ramon Transit Center to Walnut Creek BART | Sat-Sun
Continues from route
San Ramon Transit Center
San Ramon Valley Blvd + Fostoria Way
Camino Ramon + Baldwin Dr
Railroad Ave + Church St
Danville Blvd + Alamo Plaza
S Main St + Creekside Dr
Walnut Creek BART
7:31am 7:38am 7:40am 7:47am 7:55am 8:02am 8:15am
8:31am 8:38am 8:40am 8:47am 8:55am 9:02am 9:15am
9:31am 9:38am 9:40am 9:47am 9:55am 10:02am 10:15am
10:31am 10:38am 10:40am 10:47am 10:55am 11:02am 11:15am
11:31am 11:38am 11:40am 11:47am 11:55am 12:02pm 12:15pm
12:31pm 12:38pm 12:40pm 12:47pm 12:55pm 1:02pm 1:15pm
1:31pm 1:38pm 1:40pm 1:47pm 1:55pm 2:02pm 2:15pm
2:31pm 2:38pm 2:40pm 2:47pm 2:55pm 3:02pm 3:15pm
3:31pm 3:38pm 3:40pm 3:47pm 3:55pm 4:02pm 4:15pm
4:31pm 4:38pm 4:40pm 4:47pm 4:55pm 5:02pm 5:15pm
5:31pm 5:38pm 5:40pm 5:47pm 5:55pm 6:02pm 6:15pm
6:31pm 6:38pm 6:40pm 6:47pm 6:55pm 7:02pm 7:15pm
7:31pm 7:38pm 7:40pm 7:47pm 7:55pm 8:02pm 8:15pm
8:31pm 8:38pm 8:40pm 8:47pm 8:55pm 9:02pm 9:15pm