Route 5 – Creekside/BART Walnut Creek – County Connection
5:45AM - 7:00PM
Every 40 min
Walnut Creek BART
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center
Creekside Dr
Route 5 - Walnut Creek BART to Creekside Dr + End | Mon-Fri
Walnut Creek BART
Creekside Dr + End
5:48am 6:03am
6:28am 6:43am
7:08am 7:23am
7:48am 8:03am
8:28am 8:43am
9:08am 9:23am
9:48am 10:03am
10:28am 10:43am
11:08am 11:23am
11:48am 12:03pm
12:28pm 12:43pm
1:08pm 1:23pm
1:48pm 2:03pm
2:28pm 2:43pm
3:08pm 3:23pm
3:48pm 4:03pm
4:28pm 4:43pm
5:08pm 5:23pm
5:48pm 6:03pm
6:28pm 6:43pm
Service not provided on: Nov 25, 2021
Route 5 - Creekside Dr + End to Walnut Creek BART | Mon-Fri
Creekside Dr + End
Walnut Creek BART
6:03am 6:18am
6:43am 6:58am
7:23am 7:38am
8:03am 8:18am
8:43am 8:58am
9:23am 9:38am
10:03am 10:18am
10:43am 10:58am
11:23am 11:38am
12:03pm 12:18pm
12:43pm 12:58pm
1:23pm 1:38pm
2:03pm 2:18pm
2:43pm 2:58pm
3:23pm 3:38pm
4:03pm 4:18pm
4:43pm 4:58pm
5:23pm 5:38pm
6:03pm 6:18pm
6:43pm 6:58pm
Service not provided on: Nov 25, 2021