Rt. 4 Stop At Walnut Creek BART Moves Forward Sept. 26th


The Rt. 4 passenger loading and unloading area will move forward and use the Rt. 1 – Rossmoor stop at the Walnut Creek BART station beginning Monday, September 26th. Crews will begin construction of the new inductive charging station that will allow the new fully electric trolleys to charge during the course of the day while remaining in service. The four new electric trolleys are expected to be in service by early November.dscn4661

4 thoughts on “Rt. 4 Stop At Walnut Creek BART Moves Forward Sept. 26th

  • Route 1 – Rossmoor leaves WC BART at 55 minutes after each hour on weekdays, the same time the Route 4 Trolley leaves, How can they both occupy one stop?

    • It will be tricky and buses will have to take turns, but it will work out. Fortunately this project shouldn’t take too long.

      • The weather forecast for Monday, Sept. 26th shows a high of 107 degrees F, surely a spare-the-air day, further complicating things,

        • Agree with you Ralph. The previous bus stop also provided minimal shade. On hot days, one had to hide behind the “shelter” to get even minimal shade.

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