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September Emissions Reduction Could Be A Record

GoGreen_1200x1200_sunshineSeptember marks a record month for the amount of CO2 emissions reduced by County Connection passengers who use the bus to make their weekday trips since we began tracking emissions savings in 2013.  In September, the people riding County Connection buses reduced CO2 emissions by 34,040 pounds every weekday. That’s over 7,400 pounds per weekday more than in September of 2014.

Each person can make a difference. With the system average trip length (one way) of 5 miles, each person who leaves their car at home and uses the bus will reduce CO2 emissions by 4.6 pounds. One person – one day a week – you do make a difference.

Give us a try! It’s easy…download the free mobile app from our home page to get real time arrival predictions for buses near you. Or sign up to get arrival alerts by text or email message through Bus Tracker – also accessible on the home page.

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  • This is further evidence that a carbon fee and dividend should be imposed as Ronald Reagan’s secretary of state George Shultz, first proposed and the Citizens’ Climate Lobby now recommends.
    To further incentivize use of public transit in our County, we need an additional 1/2% sales tax to subsidize mobility programs for senior citizens who have the highest voter turn out in elections.

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