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Service Changes in Walnut Creek Approved

The County Connection Board of Directors recently approved service changes proposed for Routes 2, 5, and 7. This proposal originated in the Adaptive Service Analysis Plan conducted in 2013 and evolved through extensive public outreach.

Approved changes include:

  • Make no changes in Martinez
  • Route 2: Retain two morning and two evening commute trips. Re-route via Broadway
  • Route 5: Streamline service to BART and increase frequency
  • Route 7: Streamline service between Shadelands and Pleasant Hill BART, and increase frequency

The public comments reflected a significant need for the Route 19 and the need for a modest level of service on the Route 2. As the Martinez Shuttle was contingent on savings from eliminating the Route 19, and the recommended re-routing of Route #28 was not supported, the staff recommendation was to keep all service in Martinez intact and not implement a Community Shuttle.

Route 2 was revised to retain 2 morning commute trips and 2 evening commute trips and re-route the service via Broadway instead of California.

Route 5 route alignment will be modified to provide more direct service between Creekside and Walnut Creek BART. Route 5 will operate on 20-minute frequency during peak commute hours and 45 minutes during the midday. Currently the Route 5 operates on 35-minute frequency during commute times and over 90 minute during midday.

Route 7 service between Pleasant Hill BART and Shadelands will be expedited by eliminating the portion of the route that serves Walnut Creek BART. It is recommended that this service operate on 15-minute frequencies between the hours of 7:00am and 10:30am and 3:00pm and 7:00pm.  Currently it operates on 45 minute frequencies.

For the complete staff report including proposed route alignment maps see below.

7.b.1. Proposed Service Change



6 thoughts on “Service Changes in Walnut Creek Approved

  • When Route #7 is changed by not running through Marchbanks, it eliminates service to Walnut Creek Bart and there is no practical alternative for riders. This morning as usual, there were 15 riders at 7:15a.m. going to Bart on #7.

    Route #1 doesn’t start from John Muir Hospital until 7:30a.m., missing comute times to San Francisco on Bart.

    To catch Route 93X at Ygnaciao and Marchbanks is only available at 6:45a.m. and Marchbanks riders have to walk 1/2 mile to get there and more than that on the reverse ride. For the elderly and disabled this is a burden. Especially when it is 100 degrees or pouring rain and there is no shelter at this location. Why not route 93X down Marchbanks as it is not a true express, stopping at Mitchell Park and Ride and John Muir in the reverse route.

    There are four routes serving Mithell Park and Ride. It is difficult to phathom that ridership can justify that number of routes and also justify eliminating the Marchbanks run.

    Please reconsider closing the #7 Marchbanks run to Walnut Creek Bart.

    • I’ll make sure the planning and scheduling managers see your comments and suggestions. Really sorry, but I don’t think anything can be changed at this time.

  • Yes, I have to agree since you have changed the route I have been stuck walking to bart from Marchbanks in the moring which makes it very difficult for me. What about all the riders who depend on the transportation of the bus to bart transfer with all the money put into public transportation it does not make sense to get rid of the # 7 line all together for Marchbanks. If I can direct One thing to management if it’s about making more money then so be it. But one lost customer will catch up over time.

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