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State Transportation Funding Package Passes

Transit systems across the state are breathing a collective sigh of relief. The transportation funding package which passed the state legislature on April 6th will provide much needed operating funds, and in many cases, prevent service cuts facing many transit providers.

County Connection anticipates receiving approximately $2 million, which will fill the gap from lower than budgeted state and local sales tax funds.

For transit systems across California, SB 1:

  • Increases the incremental sales tax on diesel fuel dedicated to the State Transit Assistance another 3.50% – generating approx. $250 million/year at first, and increased by a CPI factor over time – to be used for transit capital and operations purposes;
  • Increases the incremental sales tax on diesel fuel another 0.50% – generating approx. $40 million/year at first, and increased by a CPI factor over time – and dedicates these revenues to intercity passenger rail systems and commuter rail systems; and,
  • Establishes a new “Transportation Improvement Fee” under the Vehicle License Fee law (removing Article XIX restrictions) and dedicates these revenues as follows:
    • Approximately $105 million/year to the STA program, for “state of good repair” types of expenditures;
    • About $245 million/year to the Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program, the competitive transit capital program overseen by the California State Transportation Agency; and,
    • About $250 million/year to a new “Solutions for Congested Corridors Program” which would be available to the California Transportation Commission, for allocation to project applicants for a balanced set of transportation, environmental and community access improvements within highly congested travel corridors in California.

For a detailed outline of transportation improvements please see the SB1 Funding Outline as presented by the California Transit Association.

2 thoughts on “State Transportation Funding Package Passes

  • I wanted to speak in support of SB1n at the MP&L Meeting yesterday at 10AM. When I got there I was told this meeting was cancelled. The public should be informed beforehand when a meeting is cancelled. Also, I was very disappointed that my 2 CA legislators, Senator Glazer and Assemblywoman Baker voted against SB1. Public Transit is an essential service for those of us who are dependent on it. Oddly, no where was it mentioned that the CA gasoline tax hasn’t been raised since 1994!

    • So sorry. We learned that none of the committee members would be at the meeting the day before the meeting. Anne went to the location in case any members of the public came by so she could personally notify them. When nobody showed, she left.

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