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Walnut Creek BART Construction

Attention Passengers:

Walnut Creek BART is now under construction for the new Walnut Creek Transit Center.  This new transit center will consist of more parking, apartments, restaurants, shops, etc.

County Connection service at Walnut Creek BART will remain unchanged until further notice.

For more information on the Walnut Creek Transit Center, click here: https://www.wcbartparking.com/

6 thoughts on “Walnut Creek BART Construction

  • Today is the annual Walnut Festival Twilight Parade up N. Main Street. Starting at 4 pm, N. Main Street and several peripheral streets will be closed to traffic. The last 9 trips of the Route 4 Free Trolley will have to detour, probably down N. California Blvd.

  • I live exactly where I pick up both routes 15 and 311 at the shelter heading north on N. Civic Drive, and ever since last June, the Bus Stop sign which was posted at the top of the shelter was taken down, most likely stolen by one of more punks. Last Wednesday morning, I caught the first bus of the day, at the time of year in which it was totally dark. and the driver, a male probably in the late 50’s or early 60’s, fat, overweight and therefore out of physical shape, was going to drive right pass the shelter without bothering to slow down and see if there were passengers waiting. I prevented that by waving both arms towards that bus, and in the last second, he noticed it, so about 20 yards passed that shelter, he picked me up. He asked me if I had a light on my cell phone, and it said yes, something I never used. He mentioned that there was no light inside that shelter, which, in my opinion, no lights in there is unacceptable, and the nearest street light on the 300 block of North Civic is at least 50 yards before the bus stop. Please have somebody at County Connection to put the new bus stop sign above the shelter and especially have lights inside the shelter, ASAP !!! Thank you for your cooperation.

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