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Winter Service Changes

Effective November 20, 2016, several routes will be changing.  New printed schedules will start being distributed the week of November 14.  The website will be updated on November 20 reflecting the new changes.  Please contact Customer Service for more information 925-676-7500.


6 thoughts on “Winter Service Changes

  • I regularly take the route 9 toward Walnut Creek Bart Station in the mornings (the 8:14 a.m. bus coming from Pleasant Hill Bart Station toward Walnut Creek Bart Station) and the bus hasn’t showed up three times. This causes a big disruption in my schedule because I have to take other means of transportation to go to work. I would like to know the reason the bus does not run at the time specified in the schedule and I hope a prompt solution to this problem.

    • Our sincere apologies. We did have a problem earlier in the week with several runs being missed due to a shortage of operators. When unexpected absences happen we try to fill the gaps as best we can, but know how disruptive this is to our passengers. We have a training class that is due to graduate tomorrow which will ease the situation, and are starting a new training class next week in anticipation of some upcoming retirements. Here’s to keeping everyone healthy during the holidays!!!

  • Rain on Thanksgiving! Lots of long, cold walks in the wetness for those of us too elderly, disabled, or poor to have a car. The kind folks at CCCTA administration provide no bus service on this family holiday to help us travel to join our loved ones.

  • I tried to leave a message but the general voicemail was full. My Camelback chug which is orange and has Grand Canyon pictures in it fell out of my back pack on the 7:20PM 18 bus going from Pleasant Hill Bart to Amtrak. I got off at Buskirk and Mayhew.

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