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Yes, That’s Clipper Equipment You See

Clipper Machine-redYou may begin to see Clipper equipment on County Connection buses. Readers were recently installed on several County Connection buses as part of the testing and installation schedule. Each series of buses in the fleet – each manufactured at different times – may require variations in the placement and the wiring of equipment. Once the initial testing phase is complete the equipment will be ordered and installed on the remainder of the fleet.

All East Bay operators, which include County Connection, Tri Delta Transit (Eastern Contra Costa), Wheels (Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore), and West CAT (Western Contra Costa), will introduce Clipper at the same time. Introduction is still scheduled to take place in late 2015.


15 thoughts on “Yes, That’s Clipper Equipment You See

    • If you mean you would like the disabled pass attached to clipper it already is and if you mean you want to make sure it works with the clipper meter thats automatic as well any county programs or discounts like day passes, commute discount, disable discounts are now programed in the clipper meter before being added to buses just scan your RTC card they are also clipper cards hope that helps

      • The lowest cash fare is programmed on the Sr. Clipper Card. At this time County Connection doesn’t offer a separate Sr. Monthly pass, so we don’t have plans for a separate fare instrument on the Clipper Card. Once we get this rolled out our Board of Directors could recommend further changes. Right now our efforts are getting the 4 EB agencies on the program.

        • There is no need for a separate instrument i already use this on other bayarea transits it all programed to except the discounts that are loaded on the card there is no sr.clipper it is a rtc card that has already for 3 or4yrs been conerted into a clipper card the rider just have to call clipper and register the card and load it at any bart or online, and the discounted fares including any discount on other counties and bart are discounted automatically, ive been using rtc/ClipperCard for 3 or 4 yrs since they first changed the cards i advise everyone to go to on RTC card info and register your card now even if you don’t use the meter, thats also where your discounted bart tickets are loaded very good to have everything in one place.hope that help

          • Im sorry my keyboard took out the word card in thats where you want to go for info on how the disabled RTC card work by the way any renewal or new RTC card still comes through RTC so call them if you need a new card

  • I hope there will be something equivalent to the punch card discounts based on number of rides purchased at the same time, although I realize that might be difficult to implement. It would be appreciated.

  • Agree with NMA> It would be a disguised fare increase if the new Clipper fares are not the same as the prior punch card fares. Not okay.

    • Even is a specific fare instrument isn’t available on Clipper yet, we’ll still have these instruments available as they are now.

  • Please implement it as soon as possible! I damn near cried happy tears when I saw the Clipper reader this morning, haha. ;-;

  • Will RTC card holders still get on free from 10am till 2pm? If so, will they still have to tag their RTC card on the reader?

    • RTC Card holders will still get on free from 10am till 2pm. I don’t believe they will have to tag their card, just show the driver as you normally do. Tagging the RTC card may result in fares removed from the card. Details are still being figured out, stay tuned for more information as we get closer to launching.

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