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6-15-17 Warriors Parade and Rally


With the upcoming Warriors parade on June 15, it is highly recommended to take public transit to enjoy the festivities.  BART parking lots are sure to fill up fast with people going to work and others going to the parade and rally.  County Connection urges you to use a bus to get to your closest BART station.  For help in assisting with route times and any questions, please contact customer service at 925-676-7500.

You should also get your clipper cards in advance and load up with cash value to expedite your travel experience.  This will decrease the delays you could have with paying as you go.  Stop by County Connection today, for your clipper card and load cash value on it.

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  • The parade will be at the same time as the CCCTA Board Meeting and also on the 12th annual Dump-the Pump Day.

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