Minor Service Changes Will Take Place June 11, 2017

County Connection will make minor adjustments to several bus routes effective June 11, 2017 to improve system efficiency.

Routes 9, 18, 20, 316

NO TIME CHANGES, but maps are updated to reflect the long term detour around DVC.

Route 93X

The arrival time at WC BART on the trip leaving Hillcrest at 6:25AM is adjusted to arrive at BART at 7:45 AM.

Route 260

Revised summer schedule.

600 Series

All school trips are removed from the summer schedule.

For information on all bus routes and schedules please call 676-7500 or visit www.cccta.wpengine.com.


2 thoughts on “Minor Service Changes Will Take Place June 11, 2017

  • Why does 511 trip planner and Google maps tell me the 311 and 315 go to Gregory and Cleveland in pleasant hill on weekend days, when they don’t? The 314 and 316 go there. I found out the hard way. I rely on the trip planners to be accurate.

    • Can you tell me what you entered as the start point. I’ve tried several scenarios and can’t replicate this result. I wonder if you need to delete old cache files???

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