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Changes To Several Bus Routes Effective 8/17/14

Changes to several weekday bus routes will take place effective August 17, 2014. The most significant changes will take place on routes 2, 5, and 7.  Below are details of the changes as well as new route maps and timetables for Routes 2, 5, and 7.

For more information on other bus routes and schedules, please refer back to the Routes and Schedules page.

Route 2

  • Route 5
  • Service is FREE (fares subsidized by City of Walnut Creek).
  • Runs more frequently – every 20 minutes during AM and PM commute hours and every 40 minutes during mid day.
  • Re-routed to operate on California Blvd.
  • New Rt. 5 Map-Fall 2014
  • 5-timetable

Route 7

  • Runs every 15 minutes from 7-10 AM and 3-7 PM.
  • Re-routed to operate between PH BART and Shadelands only (no service to WC BART, Buena Vista, Ygnacio Valley Rd. or Marchbanks).
  • New stops on Oak Grove Rd. and Treat.
  • New Rt. 7 Map-Fall 2014
  • 7-timetable

Route 91X

  • New trips leave Concord BART at 7:50 and 8:20 AM and 5:45 PM

Route 250-Gael Rail Shuttle

Starts 8/22/14 and runs Thursday-Sunday only.

Route 260-Cal State East Bay Shuttle

  • Fall service begins 9/24/14 and runs Monday-Thursday



600 Series School Day Services


Adjustments made to Rts. 601, 602, 605, and 623 due to bell time changes.

36 thoughts on “Changes To Several Bus Routes Effective 8/17/14

  • Many residents and employees of existing or to be built Condos and Apartments along California Blvd. and Newell Ave. will use Route 5 to travel between their residence and WC BART, Kaiser hospital and/or Las Lomas.

  • Will Rt. 7 be free also if subsidized by Safeway when the shopping center is completed?

  • Note error: The 5-timetable shows mid day trips every 45 minutes while
    your text states every 40 minutes. Which is correct?

  • When the apartment complex is completed at Newell and S. Main St. across from Kaiser, an added bus stop for Routes 5, 21, and 321 would be useful.

  • One more bus at 6:48 from BART on the 5 route is needed. The bus sch. leaving bart should be at the :15 and :45 so as not to leave at the same time the 21 leaves.

    • Thank you. Your comment will be forwarded to schedulers. It’s hard for me to respond as I don’t know what other timelines/transfers drive the minute to minute scheduling. The ridership trends and comments will be closely monitored.

      • The same situation exists now when Routes 1 & 4 leave BART at :55 but this only applies to the first stop after BART.

  • Eliminating the #7 Marchbanks route creates considerable concern for regular riders, with no viable alternative to access Walnut Creek Bart. There is always six to twelve riders evrey time I use this route during commute hours. What was the basis for eliminating this particular route compaired to all others?

    • This segment of the Rt. 7 carried very few passengers and the need for more service between PH BART and Shadelands has been escalating. So, sadly, it became necessary to divert the service hours. There is access to WC BART on Ygnacio Valley Rd. during commute hours on Rts. 1 and 93X.

      • Route #1 is not an option in the a.m. leaving John Muir at 7:30 to late for work commute to WC Bart.

        Route 93X is not practical for Marchbanks riders constituting over a mile walk from Kinross a.m.and Tampico p.m. For seniors and disabled in 100 degree heat or pouring rain it is not possible.
        Why not route 93X through Marchbanks. It is not a true express anyway, stopping at Mitchell and John Muir.

        There are four routes that stop at Mitchell Park and Ride and now none on Marchbanks which has consistent commute ridership.

          • Even with Route 7 having been dropped on YVR, it seems ridership on Rt. 1 hasn’t increased. It may be because of the drop in gas prices,

        • Leave 93x alone ! Already takes 2hrs from start in San Ramon to end in Hillcrest. And it would be better if it was a real express.

  • Any reason why the Route 2 schedule is limited to the very early AM? Why not have a bus that leaves BART around 8:00AM that can serve all the people who commute to jobs that start at 9:00AM (which is the start of the typical workday). Thanks.

    • Thank you for your comments. We’ve struggled with Rt. 2 for years trying to boost ridership. There is currently a bus leaving WC BART at 7:55. However, we’re seeing need to increase service on other areas and the tough decision was made to limit service on Rt. 2 to the few trips that carried the most riders during the commute period.

      • I am not sure if leaving Bart at 8am helps as much as its to leave for Bart from rudgear at 8am.

        Any reason why the buses to Bart from Rudgear don’t start at 8am? Isn’t 8am more appropriate commute time to Bart than 7:30am? I have always found good numbers for the 8:21am ride.

        • The scheduling decisions were based on ridership patterns and the new times coincide with the greatest number of riders. It looks like the new arrival times at BART are meant to get people to the Oakland/SF destinations in time for either an 8 or 9 start time.

        • There are some unexpected negative consequences of Climate Change effecting transportation such as high morning humidity in the morning on the West Coast of the USA, caused by the Pacific Ocean warming, and causing slippery roads. Can’t we get more Federal funding for Public Transportation because of this? I’d suggest talking to Sen. Mark DeSaulnier and Randy Iwasaki about this.

  • Before this schedule change took place, I felt the last bus scheduled for route 7 was still not late enough. Now it has been cut back to 7? Half the time I miss the bus because it doesn’t coincide at all with the Bart schedule. I literally miss it by minutes since I have to wait for people to get off the train, get my transfer, and walk (run) all the way to the other end. I would like to give County Connection more of my ridership but the schedules just don’t coincide half the time with Bart. I can walk home in 20 min so why wait 20 min for the next bus? Please reconsider a later afternoon schedule for route 7. Thank you.

    • Try to coincide with 2 BART stations is another challenge with this route in its current alignment. Let me know where you live (get off) and perhaps there is another option. You can contact me offline at

      • The declaration for formation of the Shadelands Property and Business Improvement District (“PBID”) easily passed a vote by property owners. Thus the WC Council unanimously approved the resolution last evening (Agenda Item 5.a.) creating the PBID. The property taxes from these funds (~$400,000/yr.) will be used, as I understand, to make the BART Shuttle (CCCTA Route 7) Fare free, for at least the next 5 years.

        • The possibility of a free shuttle was a top priority of projects to fund, and more discussions will take place in the next few months. It could be a real benefit to those who live and work in the area.

  • On another subject, why was the MP&L Meeting moved from Lafayette to CCCTA Hdq., especially since the Lamorinda Service Plan is the main item on the Agenda?

  • Wow! You took out the only bus that I was able to take near my house to go to BART. Now what will I do, I don’t drive. You guys are so inconsiderate to not have at least one bus near buena vista and putnam or even camino verde and pleasant hill rd.

    • So sorry. There was just so little ridership on this portion of the route that we couldn’t justify keeping it there as the need to expand service in other areas of the route increased. We really hate having to make these cuts because they always impact somebody.

  • Rerouting of bus 7 from Marchbanks that has a lot of high density housing caused problems for a lot of people. May be some other bus route may be rerouted to go through Marchbanks? Both ends of Marchbanks cross Ygnacio Valley Rd anyway

      • What about doubling the frequency of Route 1 and have every other trip go through Marchbanks? There is some high density Sustainable Condos in the final stages of approval to replace the Jewish Community Center, plus a church being built on the Rossmoor side of Route 1.

        • Thanks Ralph, you’ve been around a while so you probably know that doubling the frequency of Rt. 1 will require cuts somewhere else. As I mentioned, the trends and comments will be closely monitored.

  • Today was the first day of school at Las Lomas HS and we discovered this afternoon that the Route 2 bus our student took last year – as well as the one after it – has been eliminated. Last year, the earliest bus was 40 minutes after school ended. This year, with the revised Route 2 schedule, the earlist bus now is over 2 hours after school ends.

    There is an afternoon bus for each of the three other high schools in the Acalanes HS District that leaves within 5 or 10 minutes after school ends. Why does Las Lomas not have the same level of service?

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