County Connection Riders #GoGreenCC-Updated Numbers – County Connection

County Connection Riders #GoGreenCC-Updated Numbers

It may be a little late, but the July numbers are updated. County Connection riders reduced CO2 emissions in July by 21,096 pounds each week day a difference of 55 pounds per day.

Every trip makes a difference! For example the average trip length on County Connection is 4 miles, and one round trip reduces the equivalent of 7.68 pounds.


4 thoughts on “County Connection Riders #GoGreenCC-Updated Numbers

  • CO2 emissions have also caused the Pacific Ocean to warm, resulting in the high humidity this summer. An unexpected negative consequence is slippery pavements in the morning.

    • I supposed it depends on who you ask…from our seat they are often chaotic at first, then everything settles in. Main challenges last night were 1) happening at commute hour, most of our buses and drivers were already on the road, 2) Baseball game had lots of people coming TOO the stations in addition to commuters coming home, and 3)unbelievable traffic around WC BART.

      But we have a good working relationship with BART and were able to get 8 buses out rather quickly to assist.

      • Now, BART was running up to 20 minutes late westbound because of a train with mechanical problems was stuck in the Transbay Tube until 9:30 a.m. Then there’s the issue of lifetime free rides for BART Board members families. I’m concerned that many members of the public wrongly think that Bay Area Public Transit is a single Agency, rather than some 28 separate Agencies. How can this fact be publicized and yet not hurt our good working relationship with BART?

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