Contra Costa Transportation Authority’s 30 Year Expenditure Plan

August 23, 2016

Transportation_Expenditure_Plan-smallIf you’re interested in learning more about the Contra Costa Transportation Authority’s expenditure plan for the 1/2 cent sales tax measure, click here.  The plan is detailed, yet easy to read.

2 thoughts on “Contra Costa Transportation Authority’s 30 Year Expenditure Plan

  1. The bus schedules are not as informative as the ones that were posted yesterday. Those schedules had precise times they would be at each location (plus or minus 3 minutes). These schedules just show us how often the bus arrives.

    In addition it does not show the roads traveled. That information is essential to our livelyhood.

    1. Click on the route number and it brings up the map and schedule. We hope the brief description and larger type make it easier for people to know which route they want to see.

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