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New Shelters Coming To Pleasant Hill

August 24, 2016

Residents and riders in Pleasant Hill will begin to see new solar powered bus shelters taking the place of old, out dated shelters. Workers began the process of removing some of the oldest bus shelters in the system this week. In all, six shelters will be replaced in the weeks ahead.

Beginning in 2014 when capital improvement funds from several sources became available, County Connection embarked on a plan to identify some of the most heavily used stops that needed updates.  In some cases the improvements were needed to meet user demand, and in others, to meet compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

County Connection works with the city staff in each jurisdiction to determine the priority needs. In Martinez, most of the effort was placed on making improvements at stops, such as pouring concrete pads and curb cuts to bring the stops up to current ADA standards. In the City of Concord, as well as Pleasant Hill, since most bus stops already met ADA standards, their emphasis has been on updating the shelters so they too meet the standards.

As long as these funds are available, County Connection will work our way through each city – until it’s time to start all over again.