Clipper Fare Changes: More Discounts & Lower Express Fares   – County Connection

Clipper Fare Changes: More Discounts & Lower Express Fares  

Save money when you use Youth Clipper, Clipper START, and ride County Connection Express Routes

[En Español] Beginning January 1, 2024, it will be more affordable to ride County Connection with a Youth Clipper or Clipper START card, with fares going from 20% to 50% off for eligible riders. And, Clipper fares on all County Connection express routes are going down in price, matching our local route Clipper fares. In other words, that’s $1.00 to ride County Connection when you use your Youth Clipper or Clipper START card, and only $2.00 for express routes (same cost as local routes).


Youth Clipper / Clipper START
   Single Ride$1.00 (all routes)
   Bus-to-Bus TransferFree
   BART-to-Bus Transfer$0.50
   Day Pass$3.75
   31-Day Pass$60.00 (valid on all routes)
Cash – Single Ride$2.50

FARES: ADULT (19-64)

   Single Ride$2.00 (all routes)
   Bus-to-Bus TransferFree
   BART-to-Bus Transfer$1.00
   Day Pass$3.75
   31-Day Pass$60.00 (valid on all routes)
Cash – Single Ride$2.50

YOUTH CLIPPER: $1.00 rides

Image of a male youth holding up a Clipper card for Clipper Youth, $1.00 per ride.

Youth Clipper is available for ages 6-18 and is great for youth who want to save money and ride public transit at half the cost (50% discount) of an Adult Clipper card. To apply: 

CLIPPER START: $1.00 rides

Clipper START is a regional pilot program to provide single-ride discounts to eligible riders. To qualify you must: 

  • Be a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area   
  • Be 19-64 years old   
  • Not have an RTC Clipper Card for people with disabilities   
  • Have a household income of 200% of the federal poverty level or less  


Beginning January 1, 2024, County Connection express route fares on Clipper will be reduced from $2.25 to $2.00 for adults, and from $1.80 to $1.00 for Youth Clipper and Clipper START card holders.  

In addition, the East Bay Regional 31-Day Local Pass ($60) will be valid on all County Connection routes, including Express routes, and the 31-Day Express Pass ($70) will be eliminated. The 31-Day Local Pass will continue to be accepted on Tri Delta Transit, Wheels, and WestCAT (except LYNX) buses. 

WHY THE CHANGE IN FARES?  In the years following the pandemic, public transit agencies continue to look for ways to simplify the fare rate structure across the region. This is in part to incentivize ridership but is also a move toward increased consistency with broader regional policies. (Translation: We want public transit to be an easy and affordable option for everyone.)