Fare Proposal

Proposed Fare Modification

The last time fares were increased was in 2009, nearly ten (10) years ago. The current proposal will increase the one-way cash fare to $2.50 (for local and express routes) and eliminate paper passes.  However, a one-way fare on Clipper will remain at $2.00 and passengers will continue to benefit from the $3.75 Day Pass and Monthly Local/Express Passes, all available on Clipper.  For complete details of all changes, follow the link below.

Fare Proposal



5 thoughts on “Fare Proposal

  1. Just a couple of questions to clarify what would happen when the paper media is discontinued. 1. In the case of the East Bay Monthly Value Pass which currently gives the benefit of transportation on 3 other company routes in addition to County Connection – Will County Connection no longer be one of the four companies when someone buys this pass? I assume the paper pass will still be available for purchase to use on those other 3 companies anyway. But if they present it to a County Connection operator it will be denied? 2. Paper transfers have been accepted from neighboring agencies (such as Wheels in Dublin). Will those transfers no longer be valid to transfer to County Connection just as County Connection will no longer issue them to use to transfer to a neighboring agency? Granted. Clipper will still allow all of these things quite conveniently so it will continue to be the way to go for me. Thanks.

  2. I understand CCCTA needs to have a balanced budget. However my concerns are (1) The likelihood that repeal of SB1
    which raised CA gas taxes $.12 and diesel taxes $.20 will be placed on the November ballot may pass, and (2) The highest ridership routes are Routes 5 & 4 which are free. Do you have any comment on either of these facts?

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