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Have You Completed The Survey?

County Connection recently sent postcard invitations to random households in central Contra Costa County inviting you to complete an online survey about transportation projects and options.

Your feedback will help us learn what is important to you and allow us to better serve the transportation needs of your community.

If you didn’t get a postcard in the mail and wish to participate, click here to take the 5-minute survey.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

8 thoughts on “Have You Completed The Survey?

  • Mary, we missed you at the County Connection Board of Directors meeting this morning.

    • I’ve never gotten one either but you can just put my response down as “totally sucks, the worst” never on time, rude drivers, I think that about covers it.

  • As of 7/21, at 2:45 PM, I have yet to receive from you folks your survey card, for me to fill out.

  • 1. Please consider establishing stops at the intersection of Corliss Drive and Camino Ricardo in Moraga. It’s possible there would be enough business to justify them.

    2. Given the large busses you use seem to largely empty, you may wish to consider smaller sizes. These latter could be utilized re my No. 1 comment above.

    3. I’m not able to bring up the survey. My access Code is R3233.

  • I appreciate County Connection so much. I have already done the survey. I would like to add….the #9 bus desperately needs to be a “long” bus at this point! Currently a small, or short bus if you will. The 9 is often full and cannot accommodate the number of riders it needs to, especially mid-day. I was unable to board the other day due to a full bus. Please consider this change! Thank you so much.

    • Thank you for taking the survey and your comments about the #9. I’ll forward.

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