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Watch Your Mailbox To Participate In Our Community Survey

We Want To Hear From You

County Connection wants to hear from the communities we serve about what is important to them. We’re undertaking a Community Survey to help improve transportation, making it easier to get around where you live and work. Random households in central Contra Costa County have been invited to participate in our Community Survey.

Be on the lookout for your invitation postcard in the mail. The postcard details how you can participate in our short 5-minute on-line survey. Your feedback will help us learn what is important to you and allow us to better serve the transportation needs of your community.

If you don’t get a¬†postcard notice¬†in the mail and wish to participate, click here to take the 5-minute survey.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

8 thoughts on “Watch Your Mailbox To Participate In Our Community Survey

  • This and Nextdoor are great ways to get feedback from the public who are unable to attend Committee or Board meetings!

  • Please expand the service on Route 4, one of the most critical in the County Connection transit line, to include the same times on Saturdays as Monday thru Friday, with last run being around 9:30 PM, instead of 6:30 PM, due to typical huge crowds and businesses still open throughout the evening, in the Broadway Plaza area.

    • I agree completely. WC Councilmember and CCCTA Board representative Kevin Wilk will also have to get the WC Council to increase their subsidy for the Free Trolley.

  • Have at least limited bus service on major holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. Without this, those of us dependent on public transit are isolated from family and friends. BTW the rest of the Bay Area transit systems have holiday service.

    • Colette (and anyone else following this thread), if you got a survey postcard invitation please use the access code printed on the card. If you didn’t receive a postcard in the mail and want to complete the survey please go to and use the access code CC900.

      Thank you.

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