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Meet Bruce – Another Face Of County Connection

5564-Bruce 1-ResizedMeet Bruce

Bruce has been a mechanic at County Connection for 21 years, beginning at the entry level and rising through the ranks. With a last name of Voltz it’s not surprising that he specializes in electrical systems. But Bruce is also skilled in all aspects of fleet maintenance and repair.

The role of a diesel mechanic has changed over the years from being a nuts and bolts mechanic, to being a technician. “Today, you can’t even diagnose a problem without a laptop”, which makes recruiting for diesel mechanics more difficult. Bruce sees the biggest challenge in the industry as keeping up with emission regulations – but, these challenges are good for the community and the environment. Today’s buses run so clean the emissions are down to nearly zero. Bruce is looking forward to receiving our first four electric buses, and with a name like Voltz, do you wonder why?