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Operating & Scheduling - January 2024

Meeting Date: January 3, 2024

Wednesday, January 3, 2024
8:00 a.m.
Supervisor Andersen Office
309 Diablo Rd, Danville, CA

Click here to download agenda and enclosures

The committee may take action on each item on the agenda, even items that are listed as “information
only”. The action may consist of the recommended action, a related action or no action. Staff
recommendations are subject to action and/or change by the committee.

1. Approval of Agenda

2. Public Communication

3. Approval of Minutes of December 1, 2023*

4. Fixed Route Peer Performance Comparison – Information Only*

(Staff will provide an update on the state of Fixed Route bus service in the region)

5. Means Based Paratransit Fares*

(Staff recommends the O&S Committee forward to the Board the recommendation for the General Manager to enter a new MOU with CCTA for means-based fare program cost reimbursement)

6. Monthly Reports – Information Only

a. Fixed Route*
b. Paratransit*

7. Committee Comments

8. Future Agenda Items

9. Next Scheduled Meeting – February 7, 2024 (8:00am at 309 Diablo Rd, Danville, CA)

10. Adjournment