Board of Directors – September 2010 – County Connection – County Connection

Board of Directors - September 2010

Meeting Date: September 10, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010
9:00 a.m.
CCCTA Paratransit Facility Board Room
2477 Arnold Industrial Way
Concord, California

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The CCCTA Board of Directors may take action on each item on the agenda. The action may consist of the recommended action, a related action or no action. Staff recommendations are subject to action and/or change by the Board of Directors.

  1. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Roll Call/Confirm Quorum
  3. Public Communication
  4. Consent Calendar
    1. Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting of August 19, 2010*
    2. Approval of Amended Minutes of Regular Meeting of June 17, 2010*
    3. CCCTA Investment Policy—Quarterly Reporting Requirement*
    4. Acceptance of Quitclaim Deed from Contra Costa County Sanitary District for Sewer Line Easement over 2477 Arnold Industrial Way, Concord, California*
      Resolution No. 2011-006*
  5. Report of Chair
    1. Seating of New CCCTA Officers
  6. Report of Legal Counsel
    1. Amended Conflict of Interest Code*
      Resolution No. 2011-003*
      (The Resolution adopts an amended Conflict of Interest Code.)
  7. Report of General Manager
    1. Recognition of Employees with 20 Years of Service
    2. Report on CTA 45th Annual Fall Conference & Expo
  8. Report of Standing Committees
    1. Administration & Finance Committee
      (Committee Chair: Director Dessayer)

      1. Restructuring the Advisory Committees*
        (The A&F Committee recommends that the CAC and ASC be combined into one committee that meets every other month. Members of both committees would be grandfathered into the new advisory committee and, in time, the new structure would mirror current membership with one appointment per jurisdiction. The A&F Committee recommends that the Board send this recommendation to the CAC and the ASC so they can comment prior to action scheduled for the October Board meeting.)
      2. Diablo Valley College (DVC) Transit Hub Budget*
        (The A&F Committee recommends that the Board authorize the General Manager to dispense funds not to exceed $250,000 for the completion of the DVC Transit Hub project.)
    2. Operations & Scheduling Committee
      (Committee Chair: Director Horn)

      1. Access Control System*
        Resolution No. 2011-004*
        (The Resolution authorizes award of contract to Siemens Industry, Inc. to provide an access control system.)
      2. Leased Tires and Related Services Contract*
        Resolution No. 2011-005*
        (The Resolution authorizes award of contract to Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company for leased tires and related services.)
  9. Advisory Committee Reports
    1. Citizens Advisory Committee
    2. Accessible Services Committee
  10. Board Communication
    Under this item, Directors are limited to providing information, asking clarifying questions about matters not on the agenda, responding to public comment, referring matters to committee or staff for information, or requesting a report (on any matter) be made at another meeting.
  11. Closed Session
    1. Conference with Labor Negotiator Regarding Future Negotiations
      Pursuant to Government Code Section 54957.6
      Designated Negotiator: Pat Glenn, Esq.
      – Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 1605
  12. Open Session
    1. Report of Actions(s) Taken During the Closed Session
  13. Adjournment