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2019 Proposed System Map

Click here for PDF map: Proposed Service Map

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  • The proposed new routes map is currently a jpg, so it does not enlarge
    very well. It would help if a pdf were provided.

    • Sorry for the confusion. The link at the top of the page is a PDF link. I have added to “Click here for PDF map:”

  • The map continues to show route 97X. South area service changes indicate this route is to be eliminated.

  • You have a 2017 community survey that indicates your principal barrier to increased ridership is low frequency and your response is to eliminate routes? Yet another pennywise, pound-foolish move by this agency.
    It’s apparent that as an agency you do not incorporate lessons learned from successful experiments like the Rte. 5 overall (which came at the expense of another Walnut Creek bus, Rte. 2, again slated for elimination because ridership decreased when the schedule was gutted in order to free up resources for expanded service on 5.)

    I’ve used mass transit my whole life from smaller urban and suburban bus-only systems to large multimodal urban systems. County Connection is by far the most exasperating agency I’ve ever encountered.

  • So, I’m confused a little by the new proposed Route 15 route. Is the proposed Route 15 route only going to be going from WC BART to PH BART? What about those people who use it along the Treat Blvd. Corridor to Concord BART? Is there going to be a proposed alternate route for those people? I would love to use the bus service more often, but routes keep getting cut or service time between the next available bus is longer. Thank you.

    • Hello Terry,

      Thank you for your question. Route 15 is proposed to end at Pleasant Hill BART instead of Walnut Creek BART. No changes are planned for the existing route from Pleasant Hill BART to Concord BART, except the frequency will slightly improve to every 60 minutes instead of 65. We hope this will create more opportunities for BART connections as BART is every 15 minutes.

  • Do I understand that Bus line 315 will no longer operate? If so, when is the last day so we may plan accordingly.

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