Service Changes Effective August 12, 2018

Route Changes
Effective: August 12, 2018

Route 3 – Eliminated

Route 28 – New Map – serving Wal-Mart along Old Orchard Rd.

Map: 28-map-Fall2018
Schedule: Rt. 28 Amtrak to N. Con BART
Schedule: Rt. 28 N. Con BART to Amtrak

Route 99X – New Commuter Route – Amtrak to North Concord/Martinez BART

Map: 99X-map-Fall2018
Schedule: Rt. 99X Amtrak to N. Con BART
Schedule: Rt. 99X N. Con BART to Amtrak

Route 316 – New trips added

Schedule: Rt. 316 Alhambra to PH BART
Schedule: Rt. 316 PH BART to Alhambra

7 thoughts on “Service Changes Effective August 12, 2018

  1. Hello!
    Is there a possibility of adding buses to the Route 6 line in the near future?

    I hope so!

    thank you,

    Maria Geoghegan

    1. Thank you for contacting County Connection. Our current plans do propose an increase in Route 6 service. However, the soonest we can implement such changes would be in the early spring of 2019.

    1. Our proposal includes extending Route 14 to Walnut Creek BART, with a frequency of 30 minutes all day Tentative Implementation Spring 2019. The service changes for this August only include changes to Route 3, 28, a new 99X, and 316. We will update the website to reduce confusion between this year’s changes and the 2019 proposed changes.
      August Changes:
      Tentative Spring 2019 Changes:

  2. When are we getting the new 28 schedule since the three is going to be gone August 12th we need to know when the 28th is coming up Alhambra to escudero Street 2 Vista and where is it go after it hit Vista and Center are you picking us up still at Muir station at 7:25 Monday through Friday

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