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Winter Service Changes Starting Nov 17, 2019

Winter service changes will take effect starting Sunday, November 17, 2019, and will include major schedule and routing changes to routes serving Bishop Ranch (Routes 92X, 95X, 96X, and 97X), as well as minor schedule changes on Routes 1, 9, and 93X.

Summary of Changes

  • 10 min peak frequency from Walnut Creek to Bishop Ranch, see Routes 95X & 96X
  • Reduction in service on Route 97X (3 fewer AM trips, 1 less PM trip)
  • Stops at Chevron, BR 3, & BR 6 will no longer be served. BR 7 will no longer be served by Routes 95X, 96X, & 97X.
  • Stop at BR 1 will be relocated (see map)
  • Routes 96X & 97X will only serve southern part of Bishop Ranch (BR 1, BR 2600, Sunset/Bishop, San Ramon Transit Center)
  • Route 95X will serve northern part of Bishop Ranch (BR 15, BR 8, Annabel, San Ramon Transit Center)
  • Minor schedule changes on Routes 1, 9, & 93X

Maps & Schedules

RouteChangeNew Map & Schedule
1Schedule changes PDF
9Schedule changes PDF
92XRouting change to remove Chevron stop PDF
93XSchedule changes PDF
95XIncreased service; routing change to serve northern part of Bishop Ranch (Annabel, BR 8, & BR 15); southbound AM trips and northbound PM trips will not serve Danville Park & Ride PDF
96XSome trips replaced by Route 95X; routing change to only serve southern part of Bishop Ranch (BR 1, BR 2600, Sunset/Bishop, San Ramon Transit Center) PDF
97XReduction in service; routing change to only serve southern part of Bishop Ranch (BR 1, BR 2600, Sunset/Bishop, San Ramon Transit Center) PDF

NEW Weekend Route 335 Starts Aug 11, 2019

New weekend Route 335 will begin service on Sunday, August 11, 2019. Ride for FREE through the end of September 2019!

This new route will serve the San Ramon Transit Center, Bollinger Canyon Rd, Dougherty Rd, and Dublin/Pleasanton BART on Saturdays and Sundays. The route will operate hourly between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm. Trips will be interlined with Route 321, meaning passengers can stay on the bus to continue on to Danville, Alamo, and Walnut Creek BART.

Try it out for FREE through the end of September 2019! Free rides sponsored by 511 Contra Costa.

Map & Schedule

Saturdays & Sundays
To Dublin/Pleasanton BART
Continues from route San Ramon Transit Center Sunset Dr/Bishop Dr Bollinger Canyon/Main Branch Rd Bollinger Canyon/Watermill Rd Dublin/Pleasanton BART
To San Ramon Transit Center
Dublin/Pleasanton BART Bollinger Canyon/East Branch Pkwy Bollinger Canyon/Windemere Pkwy Bollinger Canyon/Blueheart Way Sunset Dr/Bishop Ranch City Center San Ramon Transit Center Continues as route

Proposed Bishop Ranch Service Restructure

UPDATE (5/28/2019): Based on the feedback received, County Connection has decided to delay the proposed changes to Routes 95X, 96X, and 97X until winter at the earliest. However, the new Route 335 weekend service from Dublin/Pleasanton BART to San Ramon will be implemented starting this August.

At the February 2019 Board of Directors meeting, staff presented a service restructure proposal for routes serving Bishop Ranch in San Ramon. The Board authorized staff to begin the public hearing process for the proposed changes. Staff will conduct the following two (2) public hearings:

  • Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
    Walnut Creek Council Chambers
    1666 N. Main St, Walnut Creek
  • Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
    San Ramon Community Center, Fountain Room
    12501 Alcosta Blvd, San Ramon

Comments are due by April 26, 2019 and may be submitted in the following ways:

  • In writing to:
    Director of Planning & Marketing
    2477 Arnold Industrial Way
    Concord, CA 94520
  • Via email to
  • Calling Customer Service at (925) 676-7500 (Mon-Fri, 6:30am-6:30pm)
  • At the public hearing in San Ramon or Walnut Creek (see details above)

It is anticipated that the Board of Directors will take action on the proposed service changes at their regular meeting scheduled on May 16, 2019.

Proposed Changes

  • Eliminate Route 95X (see proposed Route 97X changes for alternate service)
  • Re-route Route 96X to terminate at the San Ramon Transit Center
  • Re-route Route 97X to operate between Walnut Creek BART and the San Ramon Transit Center via I-680 and Crow Canyon Rd. The route will also serve the Danville Park N Ride on peak trips going to/from Walnut Creek BART. The route will no longer serve Dublin/Pleasanton BART
  • Implement new weekend Route 335 from San Ramon Transit Center to Dublin/Pleasanton BART

Spring 2019 Service & Fare Changes

County Connection is planning a major service and fare change for March 10, 2019.

Summary of Route Changes

System Map (effective 3/10/2019)

Schedules to be posted once they are available.
New Route
Alignment Change
Increased Service
Schedule Adjustment
Route Eliminated
Description of Change
New Brochure
1         Increase service frequency
1M         Service discontinued  
2         Service discontinued  
4         Increase service frequency
5           No changes
6         Increase peak service frequency
7         Minor schedule adjustments
9         Remove service to JFK and along Patterson Blvd and Oak Park Blvd (to be replaced by Route 18)
10       Terminate some peak trips at new Washington/Michigan loop. Remove service from Ayers/Kirker Pass loop
11         Minor schedule adjustments
14       Extend to Walnut Creek BART (to replace portion of Route 15). Increase service frequency
15       Remove service between Pleasant Hill BART and Walnut Creek BART (to be replaced by Route 14). Extend to John Muir Medical Center in Concord. Increase service frequency.
16         Minor schedule adjustments
17         Minor schedule adjustments
18         Realign route to serve Patterson Blvd and Oak Park Blvd (to replace portion of Route 9).
19       Streamline route alignment between Galaxy Way and Contra Costa Blvd and between Concord Ave and Concord BART. Remove service along Bisso Ln and Stanwell Dr. Increase service frequency.
20         Increase service frequency
21         Minor schedule adjustments
25         Service discontinued  
27         New route from North Concord BART to Bates Ave and Arnold Industrial Way.
28         Remove service between DVC and North Concord BART (portion to be replaced by Route 27). Realign to serve Muir Rd and Arnold Dr.
35       Extend select trips to Crow Canyon (to replace portion of Route 36). Increase service frequency.
36         Service discontinued. Northern portion to be replaced by Route 35.
91X           No changes
92X         Remove service along Alcosta Blvd
93X         Limited stops trip to serve all stops. Minor schedule adjustments.
95X         Minor schedule adjustments
96X           No changes
97X           No changes
98X         Increase peak service frequency
99X         Realign to serve Arnold Industrial Way.
301         Service discontinued. Service between Walnut Creek BART and John Muir Medical Center to be replaced by Route 311  
310         Remove service from Ayers/Kirker pass loop. Select trips extended to serve Downtown Clayton
311         Extend route to John Muir Medical Center (to replace portion of Route 301).
314         Minor schedule adjustments
315         Increase service frequency
316           No changes
320         Minor schedule adjustments
321           No changes
627         Service to be replaced by Route 27  
No changes will be made to school routes (600 series) or Routes 250 and 260.

Summary of Fare Changes

Cash fares will be increased to $2.50 for all routes, and paper passes and transfers will be eliminated. Transfers and monthly passes will only be available on Clipper. Clipper fares will remain the same.

Fare Type Current Mar 10 Additional Details
Cash Clipper
Single ride
Adult/Youth Local$2.00$2.50$2.00Cash fare to increase by $0.50 on local routes. Clipper fare will remain at $2.00.
Adult/Youth Express$2.25$2.50$2.25Cash fare to increase by $0.25 on express routes (90 series). Clipper fare will remain at $2.25.
Children under 6FreeFreeWhen accompanied by an adult
Senior/Disabled$1.00$1.25$1.00Cash fare to increase by $0.25 on all regular and express routes. Clipper fare will remain at $1.00.
Senior/Disabled, 10am – 2pmFree$1.25$1.00Midday free program to be eliminated.
Bus-to-Bus transferFreeFreePaper transfers to be eliminated. One free two-hour transfer automatically given on Clipper.
Adult/Youth BART transfer$1.00$1.00Paper BART transfer ticket to be eliminated. Transfer credit automatically given on Clipper.
Senior/Disabled BART transfer$0.50$0.50Paper BART transfer ticket to be eliminated. Transfer credit automatically given on Clipper.
LINK Paratransit$4.00$5.00One-way fare for all LINK paratransit trips
Adult East Bay Day Pass$3.75
(Clipper only)
$3.75No change. Daily fares are automatically capped on Clipper. (Click here to learn more)
Senior/Disabled East Bay Day Pass$1.75
(Clipper only)
$1.75No change. Daily fares are automatically capped on Clipper. (Click here to learn more)
Regular Monthly East Bay Pass$60.00$60.00Paper monthly pass to be eliminated. 31-day pass for local routes will continue to be available on Clipper.
Express Monthly East Bay Pass$70.00$70.00Paper monthly pass to be eliminated. 31-day pass for express routes will continue to be available on Clipper.
Adult/Youth 12-Ride Pass$20.00Pass to be eliminated.
Adult/Youth 12-Ride Express Pass$23.00Pass to be eliminated.
Senior/Disabled 20-Ride Pass$15.00Pass to be eliminated.
Commuter Card$40.00Pass to be eliminated.

Phase out of paper passes:

  • February 2019 will be the last month that paper monthly passes will be available.
  • Paper punch passes, including 12-Ride Passes, 20-Ride Passes, and Commuter Cards, will no longer be sold starting March 1, 2019.
  • Starting March 1, 2020, paper punch passes will no longer be accepted onboard vehicles.

Outreach Events

Staff will be present at various outreach events to provide information on the service changes, help with trip planning, and answer questions.

We’ll also be giving away limited-edition County Connection Clipper Cards at our outreach events, so be sure to get yours before they’re gone!

County Connection Clipper Card


Tue, Jan 15, 20197:30AM – 9:30AM Concord BART
Thu, Jan 17, 20192:00PM – 4:00PM North Concord BART
Tue, Jan 22, 20197:30AM – 9:30AM Pleasant Hill BART
Thu, Jan 24, 20192:00PM – 4:00PM Walnut Creek BART
Mon, Jan 28, 20192:00PM – 4:00PMMartinez Amtrak
Tue, Jan 29, 20197:30AM – 9:30AM Lafayette BART
Wed, Jan 30, 201910:00AM – 12:00PMMartinez Amtrak
Thu, Jan 31, 20192:00PM – 4:00PMOrinda BART
Tue, Feb 5, 20197:30AM – 9:30AMDublin/Pleasanton BART
Thu, Feb 7, 20197:00AM – 8:30AM North Concord BART
Fri, Feb 8, 20199:00AM – 12:00PMMartinez Senior Center
Tue, Feb 12, 20197:30AM – 9:30AMConcord BART
Wed, Feb 13, 201910:00AM – 12:00PMDVC
Tue, Feb 19, 20197:30AM – 9:30AMWalnut Creek BART
Tue, Feb 19, 20191:00PM – 3:30PMDVC
Thu, Feb 21, 201912:00PM – 2:00PMMartinez Amtrak
Tue, Feb 26, 20197:30AM – 9:30AMSan Ramon Transit Center
Wed, Feb 27, 20197:30AM – 9:30AMPleasant Hill BART
Thu, Feb 28, 20191:00PM – 3:30PMDVC
Fri, Mar 1, 20199:00AM – 1:00PMConcord Senior Center
Thu, Mar 7, 20192:00PM – 4:00PMConcord BART

Subject to change. Check back for updates as additional events are added.

Can’t make it to an outreach event?

Call or email us for questions and to get more information:

Mon-Fri 6:30AM – 6:30PM

Service Plan & Fare Proposal Development

In summer of 2017, staff started the process to restructure service throughout Central County in an effort to increase productivity and to modernize the agency’s fare structure. The data-driven process started with a Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA), a passenger survey, and staff’s interactions with passengers on routes with proposed changes.

FY 2017 Comprehensive Operations Analysis

Staff conducted six public hearings throughout County Connection’s service area in June and July 2018. In response to public comments received, staff adjusted the service proposal in an effort to minimize negative impacts. The final service proposal was approved by the Board in December 2018, and the fare proposal was approved in January 2019.

Final Service Restructure Proposal and Title VI Analysis

Final Fare Structure Proposal and Title VI Fare Equity Analysis

More Information

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Service Changes Effective August 12, 2018

Route Changes
Effective: August 12, 2018

Route 3 – Eliminated

Route 28 – New Map – serving Wal-Mart along Old Orchard Rd.

Map: 28-map-Fall2018
Schedule: Rt. 28 Amtrak to N. Con BART
Schedule: Rt. 28 N. Con BART to Amtrak

Route 99X – New Commuter Route – Amtrak to North Concord/Martinez BART

Map: 99X-map-Fall2018
Schedule: Rt. 99X Amtrak to N. Con BART
Schedule: Rt. 99X N. Con BART to Amtrak

Route 316 – New trips added

Schedule: Rt. 316 Alhambra to PH BART
Schedule: Rt. 316 PH BART to Alhambra

Proposed Service Restructure and Fare Modification – Spring 2019

Proposed Service Restructure and Fare Modification Proposal
Spring 2019

At the April 2018 Board of Directors meeting staff presented two proposals: a service restructure and a fare modification. The Board authorized County Connection staff to proceed with the public outreach process and report back with a final recommendation.  Staff anticipates conducting six (6) public hearing (Scheduled Public Hearings) throughout County Connection’s service area in the next couple of months. Below please find more detailed information about both proposals.  The earliest these proposed changes would take place is Spring 2019.

Service Restructure:

Planning staff has divided the changes into four regions, the Core, North, South, and Lamorinda. No changes are proposed to the supplemental ‘600’ series routes timed to school bell times. Please follow the links bellow for additional information about each region.

Core Service Area – Clayton, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek

North Service Area – Martinez, North Concord

South Service Area – Danville, Dublin, San Ramon

Lamorinda Service Area – Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda

Proposed Service Map

Fare Modification:

The last time fares were increased was in 2009, nearly ten (10) years ago. The current proposal will increase the one-way cash fare to $2.50 (for local and express routes) and eliminate paper passes.  However, a one-way fare on Clipper will remain at $2.00 and passengers will continue to benefit from the $3.75 Day Pass and Monthly Local/Express Passes, all available on Clipper.  For complete details of all changes, follow the link below.

Fare Modification Proposal

Scheduled Public Hearings

South Service Area – 2019 Service Restructure Proposal

South Restructure Concepts

Danville, Dublin, San Ramon

South Service Proposed Map

  • Eliminate Route 36, but retain coverage on its productive northern alignment with an extended Route 35. Review alternate transit options for San Ramon
  • Extend Route 35 to Crow Canyon Rd., roughly double frequency of service
  • Eliminate Route 97X and increase peak Route 35 frequency. Route 35 has similar travel times to the current Route 97X from East Dublin BART and Bishop Ranch. Route 97X has also has low ridership. This proposal requires additional discussion with Bishop Ranch
  • Remove Alcosta Blvd. from Route 92X to speed up run times