Proposed Bishop Ranch Service Restructure

UPDATE (5/28/2019): Based on the feedback received, County Connection has decided to delay the proposed changes to Routes 95X, 96X, and 97X until winter at the earliest. However, the new Route 335 weekend service from Dublin/Pleasanton BART to San Ramon will be implemented starting this August.

At the February 2019 Board of Directors meeting, staff presented a service restructure proposal for routes serving Bishop Ranch in San Ramon. The Board authorized staff to begin the public hearing process for the proposed changes. Staff will conduct the following two (2) public hearings:

  • Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
    Walnut Creek Council Chambers
    1666 N. Main St, Walnut Creek
  • Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
    San Ramon Community Center, Fountain Room
    12501 Alcosta Blvd, San Ramon

Comments are due by April 26, 2019 and may be submitted in the following ways:

  • In writing to:
    Director of Planning & Marketing
    2477 Arnold Industrial Way
    Concord, CA 94520
  • Via email to
  • Calling Customer Service at (925) 676-7500 (Mon-Fri, 6:30am-6:30pm)
  • At the public hearing in San Ramon or Walnut Creek (see details above)

It is anticipated that the Board of Directors will take action on the proposed service changes at their regular meeting scheduled on May 16, 2019.

Proposed Changes

  • Eliminate Route 95X (see proposed Route 97X changes for alternate service)
  • Re-route Route 96X to terminate at the San Ramon Transit Center
  • Re-route Route 97X to operate between Walnut Creek BART and the San Ramon Transit Center via I-680 and Crow Canyon Rd. The route will also serve the Danville Park N Ride on peak trips going to/from Walnut Creek BART. The route will no longer serve Dublin/Pleasanton BART
  • Implement new weekend Route 335 from San Ramon Transit Center to Dublin/Pleasanton BART

131 thoughts on “Proposed Bishop Ranch Service Restructure

      • Can you please bring back Route 2. I am independent. And rely on route 2. And it is very difficult for me to get places without it. My parents told me that they can’t pick up me everyday. And lyft is getting expensive for my family. And I don’t want to take the link. I am so fortunate that I live across the street from the bus stop.

      • I took #7 – used bike rack _- to PH BART . Biked along Iron Horse Trail to meeting. Very poor attendance. This was opportunity for me to plead with staff to consider bring back Seniors 65+ , 10 am – 2 pm FREE ride. Oh, I biked back to PH BART and used #7 to return home.

  • Please bring back
    – free rides 10 am to 2pm
    – route 36
    – I always ride 95X from San Ramon Transit Center to transfer to 98X at 9:03 at Walnut Creek BART. 96X makes me miss the transfer. if route 95X eliminated, can you plan a better 96X schedule to transfer to route 98X at Walnut Creek BART To Armtrak , current arrival time of 96X , 9:02 am does not work out in time for transfer.
    – I will be very happy to ride new route 335 on weekend, I have been waiting for this to happen for years
    Thank you for listening.

    • Wow! My husband takes the 95X to Walnut Creek BART to get to work. Please don’t eliminate it! It already takes long enough to commute from Danville to SF by taking public transportation. The 21 is too slow and infrequent.

      • Hello Jessie,

        Thank you for sending us your concerns. We plan to increase service from the Danville Park and Ride on the new proposed 97X route. This service would connect Danville to Walnut Creek BART on weekday mornings as well as the return trip from Walnut Creek BART to Danville in the evenings.

    • Please do not eliminate route 95X. I take the 7:15 am one in the morning and it is VERY crowded. It makes such a difference in getting to Walnut Creek Bart in time to get to work!!!!! Thank you.

      • Hello Leslie,
        Thank you for sending us your concerns. We plan to increase service from the Danville Park and Ride on the new proposed 97X route. This service would connect Danville to Walnut Creek BART on weekday mornings as well as the return trip from Walnut Creek BART to Danville in the evenings.

  • I agree with the person above about coordinating your schedules to allow reasonable transfer times to the 98X going to/from the Amtrak Station in Martinez.

      • The 21 schedule in the morning has been changed so it no longer can coordinate with the 95x at park n ride Danville. I know a few riders of the 21 north in the morning who are no longer able to connect with the 95x going to Bart Walnut Creek. Why the change and inconvenience?

        • Hello Marilyn,
          Thank you for your comment. We plan to increase service from the Danville Park and Ride on the new proposed 97X route. This service would connect Danville to Walnut Creek BART on weekday mornings as well as the return trip from Walnut Creek BART to Danville in the evenings. The schedule details haven’t been worked out yet, hopefully with the increase in service it will provide better coordination with route 21 passengers.

          • You’ve already eliminated the 93X Limited to Antioch adding an additional 40 minutes to my commute having to wait for the 4:40 93x to leave from BART. The reroute of 96X from San Ramon will make that commute even longer. I guess I’ll have to wait for the new 96X schedule. Thank you for at least listening to my concerns.

          • Thank you, Valerie. Looking forward to seeing the new schedule. Hopefully an earlier bus in the morning and more frequent.

  • Having the 96X terminate at the transit center will greatly inconvenience those of us that work 2600 Camino Ramon. Also inconvenienced are the many visitors to the conference center at 2600. Imagine having to attend an all day conference and having to walk from the transit center to 2600 in the rain and then sit through it soaking wet?

    • Hi Noelle, The 96X will continue to stop at 2600 Camino Ramon. The new routing will stop at Chevron, Bishop Ranch 1, 2600 Camino Ramon, and the Transit Center. Should you have further questions or comments, feel free to reach out!

  • I would be happy to have weekend routes. Like proposed 335.
    Weekend routes will help us to ditch our cars and travel by bus.

        • Pls have 335 on the weekends so that we can have some transportation to work . Everyone wants us to work atleast 1 day on the weekend (retail) . And either I loose the job or end up paying my days wage to Lyft.

  • I have idea why we have free ride with discount card only Friday’s/Saturday’s/Sunday’s only!

  • Would there always be a 97x headed to Annabel Lane after the 96x drop off at the Transit Center? I other words would there still be service all day long to Annabel? Is there a proposed schedule somewhere? When would these changes be implemented?

    • The schedule details haven’t been worked out yet. The earliest this restructure would be implemented is Fall 2019, which will be in August.

      Trips on the 97X will stop at Annabel before going to the Transit Center.

      The 96X will leave Walnut Creek BART and travel 680 to Bollinger Canyon with stops between Chevron and the San Ramon Transit Center.

  • Does this mean those of us that work in BR15 would now have to walk to and from the Transit Center? As it is now, if you work in BR15 and take the bus from Walnut Creek BART, you have to ride the bus for almost 20 minutes from when you get off 680 until it stops at BR15, since it goes to all other BR locations first. Same thing goes for the way home. Having to add the walk from the Transit Center makes the trip even longer. Thanks for any clarification you can offer.

    • Hello Leanne,

      Proposed route 97X will stop at BR15 after stopping at the Transit Center.  The schedule details haven’t been worked out yet. 

  • Please don’t re-route Route 97X. It is the only express from Dublin/Pleasanton BART. Due to traffic and transit times, it will make the commute from SF much longer.

      • Please do not eliminate the express route to Dublin/Pleasanton BART. The ride on the 35 from Bishop Ranch 1 is 30 mins, whereas it currently only takes 18 mins on the 97X. There are many of us who take this bus and do not want our already-long commute to be lengthened further!

  • Please give us service who live along Camino Ramon between the Greenbrook and Fostoria stops. It is too far for me to walk to either one and I do not drive.

    • Hello Jonathan,
      The route 335 will be the same route as route 35 except it will not serve the Windermere loop or the Crow Canyon Loop. The schedules details haven’t been worked out yet.

      • As a practical matter please have the committee reconsider the routing of the proposed 335 bus that will not service either the Crow Canyon or Windemere loops. I know this routing takes longer but on the weekends it seems to me your ridership is coming more from residences than from Bishop Ranch employees. These loops touch these residences. You should serve them and not be so concerned about providing a nearly express service to BART for people who most likely can’t reach a stop anyway and will just continue to use their cars instead. Let’s make the service usable for the residents of San Ramon and prove that County Connection really is a public utility operating in the best interest of the people whose taxes pay for it.

  • Please keep an express bus between Danville Park and Ride and Walnut Creek Bart for early commute hours and return hours (without adding too much extra travel time).Thank you!!

    • Hello Jenny,
      Thank you for your comment. We plan to increase service from the Danville Park and Ride on the new proposed 97X route. This service would connect Danville to Walnut Creek BART on weekday mornings as well as the return trip from Walnut Creek BART to Danville in the evenings.

    • Please do not cancel 95x ,it is hard enough to take public transit from Danville to the Walnut Creek Bart as it is. I take the 95x, 21 and 321 regularly. It was really hard for me when the 21 was cut in service times because I prefer to take bus as it is convienent and much more affordable compared to uber/taxi/lyft. I use it to go to work, go shopping, meet friends in the city and on occasions ,if I am lucky enough to travel , It is the preferred method for me to go to the airport when I do go because I do not have to worry about getting stuck in traffic. Many times, I have also known friends and colleagues who have been stuck at the Walnut Creek Bart and were forced to call a friend up at 7am on the weekends because they were coming back from SFO and could not even find a taxi to take home for the final ride home( they live in Danville too.) Therefore, I would really love it if you could add one earlier time for the 321 on weekends ( to arrive on sundays at 7:45am at the Walnut Creek Bart and on Saturdays to arrive at the lot around 7:30am. It would really help me because I would take this regularly if it was put in instead of taking taxi/lyft/asking a friend for a ride.

      Thank you so much for taking all these comments in. I apologize for the lengthy message but I just wanted to clarify why it would help me so much.

      • Hello Michelle,

        Thank you for taking the time to comment on the changes. If you take 95X from Danville Park ‘n Ride, you would be able to take the 97X to Walnut Creek BART. There are currently two AM trips on Route 321 that could work for you. One bus leaves Walnut Creek BART at 7:20 and the next bus leaves Walnut Creek BART at 7:45. Click here for Route 321 schedule and map. We will include your comments in our summary to the board.

  • It seems that Chevron office stop has been eliminate from the proposal. Walnut Creek BART is not the only BART station that ppl commute to work in the Bishop Ranch.

  • Hello, the 35 is not a replacement for the existing 97X route as it increases commute time each way by roughly 20mins each way or 40mins total. The 35 has too many stops in between. The 97X should remain as an express bus between Dublin Bart and Bishop Ranch

      • Agreed; there are many of us who take the 97X to Dublin/Pleasanton BART and the 35 takes a lot longer to get there from Bishop Ranch. Please do not eliminate this stop!! It lengthens an already very long commute for a lot of us who take public transit to Bishop Ranch.

      • Hi Valerie, a point of clarification – I did take the 35 to/from Dublin Bart last week and the time increase for the commute was 68mins LONGER total (+40mins in the morning and +28mins in the evening). Also the number of commuters on the 35 bus was 10-15). It’s unclear why the 97X is being eliminated to inconvenience a larger group of people pretty substantially – 68mins increase each day is a bit absurd.

        • Hello Chaitra,
          Thank you for your comment. We will include it in our summary to the board.

  • Is there anyway to get an express bus from Dublin Bart to Walnut Creek Bart? Maybe with couple stops in between? I take the 92x and transfer to 96x which is always running late.

    • Not sure of the times you seek to travel, I wanted to point out that Wheels provides their express bus 70X during the peak commute times. It goes non-stop on 680 between Dublin/Pleasanton and Walnut Creek BART stations. Maybe that would work for you.

  • I would love to see 35 bus service extend to the weekend. I know alot of current riders on this route, could increase their opportunity to work more hours or even hold a second job. It’s tough finding a ride out of San Ramon to Dublin on the weekend just to work, that’s what I currently do. If the 35 weekend service could run from 6-10pm it would be great and create some good time to shop and enjoy events in downtown Dublin like the St. Patrick’s day fest I missed out on. Looking forward to improvements.

    • I meant to say: If the 35 weekend service could run from 6am-10pm it would be great

      • Yes, I agree with the 7 day a week commuter. That is why I would love to see the 321 start earlier because I also work on the weekends. Instead of asking a friend to give me a ride or pay for a taxi, bus is so much easier and more affordable. On my way back from work on the weekends, I am either waiting for an hour at the bus stop or else I am worried that I might miss the last bus.

        Thus, a 6am to 10am run for the 321 would be great . It would make my life and my family’s life a lot easier. Thank you!!!

  • Please do not cut the 95x and the 21 because I really depend on those bus routes to get where I need to go and it is already hard enough as it traveling from Danville to work as it is. Thank you.

    • Hello,
      There are no planned changes to Route 21. If you take Route 95X from Danville Park ‘n Ride, this will now be Route 97X. We will include your comment in our summary to the board.

  • The changes to Walnut Creek parking are reducing drastically the number or daily parking spaces ($3/ first come first serve). The 96X is the best remaining option to get from San Ramon to Walnut Creek BART in the morning (for commuting to SF). It would be great to expand service on this line and offer more busses.

    Secondly, the current route could be greatly improved by positioning the LAST San Ramon stop (at Sunset Dr. and Bishop) closer to the FIRST San Ramon stop (currently at Bishop Ranch 3). This disparity makes for a logistical challenge in parking at Bishop Ranch to be a reasonable walk for departing and returning to San Ramon.

  • San Ramon area along route 35 is getting very busy due to lot of new development. Lot of folks take this route to reach Dublin bart during office hours. It is good the frequency of Route 35 is being increased. This is great. One request is to add few more options or bus routes or extend existing route in this area ( crow canyon & dougherty intersection to dublin bart, Also areas surrounding gale ranch middle school) . Lot of kids from surrounding area here go to gale ranch middle school and DV high school who will benefit . Thanks.

  • As a Livermore resident who does not drive and wants to get to the 321 route without biking 6 miles from Dublin on weekends, I strongly support this weekend connection to Dublin/Pleasanton BART.

    My only question is whether extending 321 was considered rather than a separate new route.

    In reference to some of the above comments, I also suggest seeing what can be done to keep the buses moving with signal priority, to ensure transfers work during rush. LAVTA has been doing a decent job with it.

    • Oh, and I also support the express changes given the shuttles that are coming. Makes a lot of sense to aggregate into buses that can run faster to BART rather than have the buses stop all over Bishop Ranch. I believe this will continue to be the way forward for environmentally and fiscally sustainable transit.

      • Hello Steven,
        Thank you for your comment. We will include it in our summary to the board.

    • Hello Steven,
      Thank you for your comment. We will include it in our summary to the board.

  • Bus service is needed to go from San Ramon Transit center up crow canyon hill to Blackhawk. My parents were dying and i was unable to visit them.

    • Hello Denise,
      Thank you for your comment. We will include it in our summary to the board.

      • These changes would greatly change and affect the way I travel the tri-valley in a good way. I live in Concord and work in Danville, my parents live off of Camino Tassajara in Danville and my dad works in Dublin. Also I think bringing back route 221 would pave the way for a possible future bus rapid transit system up and down I-680, which I’d be impressed to see. It could serve residents where that route once served and connect to Walnut Creek Bart instead of just ending ending at Alamo Plaza.

  • For the 96X route, could you please confirm the proposed re-ordering of the stops for the evening commute? It looks like Chevron/BR 1 would now be the first two stops, followed by a loop up to the Transit Center, before stopping at Sunset and then finally getting on the 680 N. Secondly, how long would the bus have to wait at the San Ramon Transit Center (i.e. under this proposal, would it wait at the Transit Center to sync with other bus routes and allow transfers)?

    This proposal seems like it would significantly increase commute time for bus riders from Chevron and BR 1 going home in the evening. Given this delay, bus riders from those stops would be more likely to either drive, or cross four intersections by foot to catch the bus on its last stop at Sunset, which increases safety risk and traffic congestion at those intersections.

    • Thank you for your comment. We will provide a summary to the Board upon completing the public hearing process.

      The proposed Route 96X alignment is the same in the morning and afternoon, stopping at Chevron and Bishop Ranch 1, first. Chevron and BR1 passengers will be picked up first in both cases, however, the proposed route does not service any stops north of the San Ramon Transit Center, thus, eliminating eight stops currently served and the time needed to complete that segment. These stops would be served by the proposed Route 97X. Chevron and BR1 passengers would have the option to either travel along the reduced route if picked up first or cross Bollinger Canyon to catch the 96X at the last stop (Peet’s) before heading out of San Ramon. Additionally, passengers could catch the Bishop Ranch shuttle to access the San Ramon Transit Center and transfer to either the 96X or 97X, depending on scheduling needs.

      At this time, the actual schedule has not been developed, but the goal is to have approximately 10-15 min. frequency between the 96 and 97 out of Walnut Creek BART to the San Ramon Transit Center, with each route serving north/south Bishop Ranch.

    • I’m wondering about a number of changes here. I agree with one comment saying we need to bring back bus service to Blackhawk and through Danville again. Also having the proposed route change to the 97X I’d like to see at peak commute times go through downtown Danville and the P&R like the 960 express route did back in the day. That would help me out a lot too since I work at Trader Joe’s in Danville in the morning and like everyone else said the 21 takes too long. Lastly you should bring back service to Village parkway in Dublin by having some select route 35 buses be routed along Old Ranch Road and Alcosta and then terminate at Dublin Bart. This would still allow for me to get to my dad’s work to meet up. Thank you for taking the time to read these long proposed ideas of mine even though I think there’s only a 20% chance they’ll happen but would really help me out if they could.

  • Where can we find the proposed 97X time schedule changes? I see the new re-routing plan but not the times.

    • The diagrams and proposed changes are a bit confusing. I truly enjoy riding the bus to and from Chevron. 1 less car, less conjestion, and less stress.
      Is the proposal to continue to stop at Chevron and BR1, but add more stops in the afternoon
      before getting onto 680 N?

      • Yes, Route 96X would follow this routing for both morning and afternoon trips: Walnut Creek BART, Chevron, BR 1, BR 2600, San Ramon Transit Center, Sunset/Bishop, Walnut Creek BART

  • Kindly do not stop the 97x from Dublin/Pleasanton BART to San Ramon Transit Center. While I understand you are proposing the changes by increasing the frequency of 35, however, it significantly adds to the commute time on an overall basis. Being a dependent on the 97x, such proposed change would not only hurt me but also my fellow commuters. Instead of entirely cutting the route, you can decrease the frequency of 97x for cost efficiency purposes instead of cutting it entirely (increased frequency during office commute times and lower frequency in the noon). It does not uphold to the BR standards of service and would disappoint many.

    • Hello Shreya,
      Thank you for your comment. We will include it in our summary to the board.

  • Route 35 is not a good alternative to 97x. It does not stop at Chevron, Bishop ranch 1, 3… and it takes 40-60 mins at peak hours to get from Dublin to San Ramon and vice versa vs. 15-18 mins for 97x. In addition, 97x timings are convenient for business hours to get into office at a reasonable time. Furthermore, It does not make sense to have two express buses cater to the same destination to save ~10 mins of time spent in Bishop Ranch stops. Please consider keeping 97x and extending it’s service to run at least one more time from San Ramon to Dublin after 5:49pm (e.g. at 6:15pm). Eliminating the 97x route will most probably lose you more customers, especially from Dublin/Pleasanton rather than retain/increase your customer base.

    • Hello Mazen,
      Thank you for your comment. We will include it in our summary to the board.

  • I agree with my fellow commuters opinion and scrapping 97x is not a good idea. It is a service on which many people depend and would be impacted in its cancellation. Bay area commute is already difficult for many and stopping 97x would make the problems worse. Kindly try to understand and incorporate our inputs, since we are the ones who experience such commute day in and day out and your decision has a direct impact on us.

    • Hello Niloofar,
      Thank you for your comment. We will include it on our summary to the board.

  • Hi,

    Regarding the proposed changes to 97X. So with the proposed service changes how would a rider get from Chevron to BART Dublin and then on to BART Bay Fair or points south without this link and spending an exorbitant amount of time either transferring on multiple routes or going back to Walnut Creek and around?


    • Hello John,
      Route 35 stops at Sunset Dr/Bishop Dr which is the closest stop to Chevron. To return to BART Dublin, the stop is on Bollinger Canyon at Bishop Ranch 1. To view the current Route 35 schedule and map click here.

      • Route 25 was cancelled. How about running 93x in the morning to Walnut Creek BART in the morning and extend the 93x to Lafayette BART to Antioch BART in the afternoon, leaving at 3:04pm. Combine what route 25 use to do and with the 93x not going to Walnut Creek BART.

  • I’m confused. I currently take the 97X on to and from the chevron stop. Will the 35 replace this route, and will it operate more frequently? It looks like stops at Chevron will be eliminated.. so where is the closest proposed stop???

    • Hi Karen,
      Route 35 stops at Sunset Dr/Bishop Dr which is the closest stop to Chevron. To return to BART Dublin, the stop is on Bollinger Canyon at Bishop Ranch 1. To view the current Route 35 schedule and map click here.

  • I will be taking 96x to go Walnut Creek Bart and then transfer to Route1. Please consider the transfer time of scheduled arrival of 96x to bart to scheduled departure of Route1. Most of the time, the bus arrival is missing the transfer bus timings. So we are in position to wait for another 45mins as we miss the bus within few mins.

  • As per Google Map the commute time from Dublin BART to San Ramon Transit Center per the Route 35 currently reflects at 45 mins not accounting for office hours traffic. However, the Route 35 schedule timings posted here reflects end to end commute time of 30 mins which is not correct. This is the reason why people avail 97x and which in itself an Express route to cut time since we cannot beat time. Kindly do NOT cancel the 97x since 35 is NOT its alternative. And also kindly advertise and publicize such statements to all commuters in the 97x route so that they are aware of such proposed cancellation and can come post their comments.

  • There are school kids that take the 96X 7:37am bus from WC BART to BR Annabel Lane to get to the Dorris-Eaton School Mon-Fri mornings and take the 3:31PM 96X bus from Annabel Lane to WC BART. How will the proposed changes affect them?

    • Under the proposed service plan, Route 97X would serve Walnut Creek BART and Annabel Lane

  • Living in the area sucks . I have been to Europe and what a shame that this country with high techs suck in transportation .
    So much money and so much hardship for people to
    Go from 1 place to another .

  • Hi, I travel every day in 95X or 96X between San Ramon Transit Center to Walnut Creek Bart. Hope the new changes will have the similar timing morning and evening so that I can continue to use the county connection service without any issues. Also if the new changes will bring in more frequencies in morning and evening will be appreciated. Please confirm.

  • The diagram is not clear to me. Is the proposal planning to eliminate the Chevron bus stop in the afternoons?

  • Hi. Please do not get rid of the 95X. By only having one stop between the transit center and Walnut Creek Bart, it saves significant time commuting from work to Walnut Creek Bart. The current 96X takes twice as long as the 95X to reach WC Bart.

  • Please add in a way to get back to Walmart in San Ramon as it used to be part of the 36 but that was recently terminated & integrated into the 35’s route!!! Except it no longer goes to Walmart…? How can the ONLY bus to Walmart be eliminated??

  • To Whom,
    This may concern. I’m a daily rider for the 97x commuter bus. I hear this bus might discontinue and want to share my experience. While the 35 bus is an alternative the crowds (high school kids) and the timing are terrible for commuters. I would hope you can consider keeping the 97x running as this is a great route for professional commuters and discontinued service would be a grave disappointment. I would no longer commute. Thanks you for your time

    Daniel Gutierrez

  • Please consider reasonable transfer times to 98X from these routes. Also, the new bus terminal at WC Bart is dangerous. The crosswalks are so far from each other on opposite ends of the terminal, causing people to run across a bunch of sharp-edged rocks when they are late for their bus. Just because people SHOULD use the crosswalks doesn’t mean that they will.

  • Looking at some of the comments posted here gives me a wild idea. Suppose you just combine 85X, 96X, 97X and 98X into one long route with appropriate segment scheduling as required by passenger demand. Sort of makes the connection problems go away.

  • 97x is and continues to be one of the public transport lifelines for Bishop Ranch commuters. Cancellation of the original route from Dublin/Pleasanton BART to Bishop Ranch would inconvenience a lot of BR employees. What I fail to understand is why would anyone cancel the service when it was initiated in the first place keeping the BR commuters in mind. And 35 does not solve the problem when the commute time is expected to double. Kindly re look at the proposal and not cancel the 97x.

  • Removing routes with already-full buses is nonsensical. 95X needs to stay, the planned changes would not support the traffic it currently shuttles, and with the removal of WC non-permit parking spaces, I (and others) would just be using Uber daily to get to and from work in SF. Never thought I’d need to be fighting against the city trying to shove commuter traffic onto Uber, what a world we live in.

    • Hello Zakary,
      Thank you for your comment. Although Route 95X is proposed to be eliminated, Route 97X is the proposed alternate service. Route 97X will serve Danville Park ‘n Ride in the north bound direction in the morning and the south bound direction in the afternoon/early evening with additional stops between Walnut Creek BART and San Ramon Transit Center. We will include your comment in our summary to the board.

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