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North Service Area – 2019 Service Restructure Proposal

North Restructure Concepts

Martinez, North Concord

North Service Proposed Map

The main changes to the north service area include:

  • Split Route 28 in half and retain its Martinez-DVC segments
    • New alignment with 2-way Walmart service
    • Eliminate service to Marsh Rd./Arnold Industrial Way
    • Add service to the Arnold/Morello high ridership corridor
    • Eliminate small, light industrial segment of Howe Rd.
  • Create a new Route 27 to serve North Concord
    • Create new North Concord BART connections
    • Allocate at least two revenue hours of service for loop
    • Replace current Route 627, with more frequent service
  • Add Route 98X peak trips to connect with Amtrak in Martinez

29 thoughts on “North Service Area – 2019 Service Restructure Proposal

    • The one-way cash fare would increase by $0.50. However, a Day Pass on Clipper is only $3.75 which is less than the current cash round-trip cost of $4.00. The Day Pass allows for unlimited rides, in a single day, on any County Connection route.

        • Hello Gail,

          The Day Pass (also called an accumulator) is only available on Clipper, $3.75 for Adults and $1.75 for Senior/Disabled. Here’s how it works:

          The Day Pass recognizes and deducts regular and express bus fares, and discounted transfer fares from your stored cash value. For single-ride fares, Clipper cards can also save riders more money because riders can earn a single Day Pass for unlimited rides on most County Connection, Tri Delta Transit, WestCAT and Wheels routes. Once $3.75 in fares is deducted, in a day ($1.75 for senior and RTC customers) on any combination of the participating transit services, rides are free of charge for the rest of that day. Free rides and fares paid on WestCAT Lynx Transbay service do not apply toward a Day Pass.

  • I am not in complete agreement. Route 28 would become incredibly long and not practical for commuting. It normally takes about 30-40 minutes now from Amtrak to DVC, I can only imagine that with the proposed changes, this would increase.
    What I would like to see is an express route from Amtrak to BART over the weekend, preferably keep the 99x functioning during weekends. 316 takes exactly an hour to get to PH. I spend more time waiting to get to BART than I do actually riding BART. That’s not ok, especially given how close Amtrak and BART are.

  • There is a Tri Delta route from Bay Point to Martinez that runs approximately once per hour on weekdays, does not serve North Concord, and has low ridership. It serves kaiser & VA, then downtown It could benefit both systems to get together & combine the two routes..

    Thinking even more outside the box, WESTCAT also has a line that goes to Martinez about once/hr & winds around
    serving Kaiser & VA & then goes downtown. Why not have one line from El Cerrito del Norte to Bay Point & have it met at Hwy 4 & Alhambra by a bus to downtown Martinez, thereby eliminating inefficient duplicate service & have
    the cost shared by the three systems.

  • Route 28 goes directly by the county homeless shelter and is the only transportation that most of the homeless have. By eliminating service to Arnold industrial way, you are completely taking the ability for people to be self sufficient. Are there any plans regarding a new route that would grant services to the them?

    • The new proposed Route 27 will serve the homeless shelter on Arnold Industrial Way. This route will be a one-way loop from North Concord BART, serving the areas along Laura Alice Way and Bates Ave.. Those wishing to get to Amtrak and the Contra Costa Regional Medical Center will have the option to take the new 99X from North Concord BART.

  • I would like to see a bus line, the 28 ,27or 99 X, go directly to North Concord BART via Hwy 4 once it arrives at Morello avenue and Muir road in Martinez. It would be a great incentive to ride the bus to North Concord BART if it took less than 30 minutes between Martinez and its namesake BART station. (North Concord/Martinez BART)

  • If u are eliminating the industrial area what way will u be traveling on #28 as of now it 1hr from doc to shell Ave Martinez

    • Route 28 will follow the path of Route 3, with a one way loop using Old Orchard and Howe Rd. It will continue to serve Kaiser and the VA.

  • Please, please, please do not eliminate 28 service to Marsh Road! There is a very large community served here…namely, 3 mobile home parks…with many disabled folks and seniors. This would drastically affect many of us. There are no other bus lines serving this area…and nothing on weekends. We depend on the 28 to get to doctor appointments. Please reconsider this! Thank you

    • Route 3 will be eliminated on August 10th, 2018. In response to feedback from the Martinez community, we have implemented the Route 28 proposal in this restructure early. As of August 13, Route 28 will serve the former routing of Route 3 through Alhambra Ave and Vista Way. A new stop will be served on Old Orchard Rd, around the corner from the current Route 3 stop at Walmart. Please see our website for more information.

      • Regarding the new bus stop for Rte 28 on Old Orchard Road, will there be 2 bus stops constructed? One for each side of Old Orchard Road?

        • There will be one stop on the east side of Old Orchard. Route 28 will service this stop in both directions via a one way counter-clockwise loop. This change will start on August 13th.

          Google Map

          • I live in Westaire nearby. Could something be done so that the bus stop does not have to be moved from where it is right now? I see some potential problems with moving the stop at a farther location where Walmart won’t be able to maintain its tidiness as well as manage abandoned carts. Placing the bus stop very close to a street corner also presents a potential vehicular hazard.

          • Here’s an idea. Can Bus 28 go inside Walmart’s Shopping Center compound? I am sure Walmart customers would love this and also is least disruptive of the surrounding residential communities. Some bus lines go inside office complexes to pick up and drop off passengers like San Ramon’s 96X, so it seems like this could be feasible.

            Thank you.

  • Our bus driver says you are eliminating the Commercial Circle portion (I mostly care about mornings from Bart ). (Actually, I don’t see that on the proposed map) If you drop us at Port Chicago and Bates, we cannot walk on Bates to Commercial Circle either in the street (too busy) or for 6 months of the year, on the shoulder (way too muddy). So would have to cross Bates to wrong side and then cross back at Commercial Circle (an uncontrolled intersection that already has way too many accidents). I, personally, can’t walk to the bottom of Commercial Circle and down Dean Lesher because I have mobility issues.

  • Is there a map anywhere showing the proposed new route for the 28 next year? I don’t mean the changes taking place this year, but the ones proposed for next year. It would be very helpful so we can visualize things. Thank you.

  • I found the map – didn’t see it earlier.

    I know the public comment period is over, but I would like to say: even reduced service, if possible, would be preferable to no service on Marsh Drive. Barring that, perhaps an on call bus service (similar to dial a ride, but for everyone, not just seniors) could be implemented. I realize it’s not always possible in light of budget constraints. For those of us who depend on the bus, and are non-drivers, loss of bus service is a very big deal indeed. Thank you.

    • Yes, as of Monday, August 13th, Route 28 has a new routing in Martinez, following the old Route 3 route through Vista Way from Alhambra.

  • The line 27 should go straight down port Chicago highway to John Muir.l hospital. Nothing is going straight down that direction. It’s taking a loop. How long is the 27 loop from north concord Bart to bates and port Chicago?

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