North Service Area – Service Restructure Proposal

North Restructure Concepts

Martinez, North Concord

North Service Proposed Map

The main changes to the north service area include:

  • Split Route 28 in half and retain its Martinez-DVC segments
    • New alignment with 2-way Walmart service
    • Eliminate service to Marsh Rd./Arnold Industrial Way
    • Add service to the Arnold/Morello high ridership corridor
    • Eliminate small, light industrial segment of Howe Rd.
  • Create a new Route 27 to serve North Concord
    • Create new North Concord BART connections
    • Allocate at least two revenue hours of service for loop
    • Replace current Route 627, with more frequent service
  • Add Route 98X peak trips to connect with Amtrak in Martinez

4 thoughts on “North Service Area – Service Restructure Proposal

    1. The one-way cash fare would increase by $0.50. However, a Day Pass on Clipper is only $3.75 which is less than the current cash round-trip cost of $4.00. The Day Pass allows for unlimited rides, in a single day, on any County Connection route.

  1. I am not in complete agreement. Route 28 would become incredibly long and not practical for commuting. It normally takes about 30-40 minutes now from Amtrak to DVC, I can only imagine that with the proposed changes, this would increase.
    What I would like to see is an express route from Amtrak to BART over the weekend, preferably keep the 99x functioning during weekends. 316 takes exactly an hour to get to PH. I spend more time waiting to get to BART than I do actually riding BART. That’s not ok, especially given how close Amtrak and BART are.

  2. There is a Tri Delta route from Bay Point to Martinez that runs approximately once per hour on weekdays, does not serve North Concord, and has low ridership. It serves kaiser & VA, then downtown It could benefit both systems to get together & combine the two routes..

    Thinking even more outside the box, WESTCAT also has a line that goes to Martinez about once/hr & winds around
    serving Kaiser & VA & then goes downtown. Why not have one line from El Cerrito del Norte to Bay Point & have it met at Hwy 4 & Alhambra by a bus to downtown Martinez, thereby eliminating inefficient duplicate service & have
    the cost shared by the three systems.

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