Lamorinda Service Area – Service Restructure Proposal

Lamorinda Restructure Concepts

Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda

Lamorinda Service Proposed Map

  • Eliminate Route 25 due to low ridership
  • Potentially increase peak service on Route 6

13 thoughts on “Lamorinda Service Area – Service Restructure Proposal

  1. Route 6 has suffered such drastic cutbacks over the years, not only Frequency, but also Reach (no longer continuing into the Camino Pablo/Sanders Ranch neighborhood) that it is barely useful in it’s present state. Meanwhile those commuting to BART are unable to purchase parking permits (several year waits), which puts more cars on the road not only from Moraga to Lafayette and Orinda, but to points beyond. Increase “connector” bus service will reduce traffic, pollution, global warming, etc., etc. INCREASE ROUTE 6 Commute Hours SERVICE, please!

  2. Please increase route 6. I would take it to BART if it came more often. It comes so seldom that it’s worthless as transportation.

    1. Thank you for your suggestion. We had to make some difficult decisions back in the 2008-9 recession that reduced Route 6 service. We plan on increasing Route 6 peak service during this restructure. In order to be able to increase service on our more productive routes we need to eliminate service on less productive routes.

  3. Yes, please increase frequency on route 6. While it is OK in the morning going to Orinda Bart, it is not
    returning from Orinda Bart, especially in the afternoon. Only running every hour or so makes using
    the bus very inconvenient for us Senior Citizens. Would like it to run from Orinda Bart to Moraga every
    half hour. I would certainly use it with this kind of schedule.
    Thank you

  4. I live on the 6 route and have no use for the 25 (it turns out there is a competing transit service that will take you from Lafayette BART to Walnut Creek BART), so it’s easy for me to say this, but shifting some resources from the 25 to the 6 sounds like a good idea. The problem is that I often come home too late for the 6, so I’ve basically given up on the bus, and increased rush-hour frequency won’t really change that, but my in-laws don’t drive and do use it, so I’m sure they’d appreciate more frequency.

    I despair about the chances of any bus lasting long in Moraga though. When I did ride the 6 to BART, I couldn’t help but notice that the bus would get stuck in the Campo traffic jam, but one 6 and two 606 buses would go right through the middle of the Campo rush usually with between 0 and 1 kid getting off there. There is no way that not a single one of the kids getting dropped off lives within a few block of the 6’s route. Probably at least half of them do, but most parents drop their kids off or let them drive themselves rather than considering using the bus instead of clogging the road. Sometimes I was the only passenger on the bus for large parts of the route to BART. That’s a pretty sad waste.

  5. Yes, please increase Route 6 frequency! It used to be every 20 minutes at peak hours and was so convenient. I would definitely use it more often, especially on the ride back ‘home’ if it ran more frequently. Currently, if you miss the afternoon bus home, you need to wait 40 minutes, or take a taxi home. Not a good choice as we are trying to keep cars off the road.

  6. I’m all for increasing frequency of Route 6. Good call. Gets more cars of the road. Also, maybe consider extending it down further along Camino Pablo

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