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LINK Eligibility & Registration

Am I eligible to ride LINK?

To be eligible for County Connection LINK, it must be determined that you are eligible for paratransit services under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). You are eligible for LINK only if you have a disabling health condition that prevents you from independently using the regular fixed route County Connection buses or BART trains for some or all your trips. Determinations are made by trained professionals who are familiar with the fixed route system as well as the ADA guidelines. Eligibility is not a medical decision.

How do I apply?

There are two ways to apply: 

  1. Download an application (also available in Spanish)
  2. Have a paper application mailed to you by calling us at 925-680-2138

Filling Out Your Application

Please fill out the application as completely as possible.

  • whether or not you travel with an attendant or a service animal (i.e., guide dog)
  • provide signatures on Applicant Certification Form and Authorization to Release Medical Information

Have your licensed health care professional who is familiar with your disability or disabling health condition complete the pages at the end of the packet related to the Medical/Mental Health Verification Form.

Submitting Your Application

You can submit your application in 3 ways:

1. Via email to:

2. Via mail to:

County Connection-ADA Certification
2477 Arnold Industrial Way

Concord, CA 94520

3. Via fax to:


Reviewing Your Application

After we receive and review your application, you may receive a phone call for additional information. You may also be called to come down to our office for an in-person interview and/or your application may be sent to your doctor for additional information on your disability and how it prevents you from taking public transportation. In the event that LINK requests your participation in an in-person interview, please note that a ride to and from the interview location will be provided free of charge.

You will be notified by mail of your eligibility status within 21 days of receipt of your completed application.

When can I use County Connection LINK services?

This depends on your ADA paratransit certification. Your eligibility determination letter from County Connection LINK’s office should indicate if you were unconditionally or conditionally eligible.

If you are unable to use County Connection buses or BART trains without having another person there to help you, you will have unconditional (full) eligibility for LINK. Any time you need to take public transit, you can book your trip on LINK.

If the eligibility process determines that you can use County Connection fixed route buses or BART independently for some trips, but not others, you will be given conditional eligibility. You will be allowed to take some of your trips using the LINK service. As an example, you may feel fine going to dialysis and can take a fixed route County Connection bus or BART train, but experience weakness upon completing dialysis and will need to use the LINK service on your return trip home.

It may also be determined that you are able to take the regular public County Connection bus or BART train service for all your trips. In that case, you would not be eligible for County Connection LINK services. The basis for the denial will be noted in the determination letter sent to you.

What if I disagree with my eligibility decision? What do I do?

You have the right to appeal a denial of eligibility or a condition of your eligibility to ride LINK. Instructions on how to do so will be included in your determination letter. If your disability or health related conditions change in the future, you may reapply for the service based on the current information.

How long am I eligible for County Connection LINK?

Once we have determined you are eligible and you receive your determination letter, this decision is valid for up to three years. An eligibility expiration date will be included in your determination letter. Please note County Connection LINK’s office will mail a recertification notice at least 60 days in advance before your eligibility will retire. If your disability is temporary or your health is expected to improve, you may be given eligibility for a more limited time, after which you are expected to return to using regular County Connection fixed route buses or BART.

Can I travel outside of Central Costa County?

Once you are determined to be eligible for LINK, you may also access the following counties’ ADA Paratransit Programs for the duration of your LINK eligibility: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Solano, San Mateo and Sonoma County. Please see section on Regional Transfer Trips for more details or call 925-938-7433 for more information.

What if I need to travel outside the San Francisco Bay Area and need paratransit service?

Once approved to use County Connection LINK, you are also eligible to receive the equivalent paratransit services in other cities and states for up to 21 days in a 365-day period. Conversely, accessing LINK for passengers visiting our service area is extremely easy. Visitors who are ADA eligible for paratransit in their home jurisdictions may use LINK service for up to 21 days in a 365-day period after presenting either a valid ADA Paratransit card or other paperwork showing their certification for ADA Paratransit services. If that is not available, documentation of their place of residence outside of the LINK service area and of their disability (if it is not clear). They can also provide us with a contact name and number of their Paratransit services so we may contact them directly to verify their ADA status. If the visitor’s disability is not apparent, documentation of disability may also be required. If the visitor’s eligibility is apparent, such as a person using a wheelchair or a visually impaired person travelling with a service animal, then no documentation of disability may be required. All visitor eligibility requests are handled by County Connection LINK’s Eligibility Department.

Presumptive Eligibility

We may also grant presumptive eligibility for 30 days if a person needs to use Paratransit service immediately because of an emergency, or if we are unable to make a determination within a 21-day period. This type of eligibility is not for hospital discharges or transportation home after minor surgery.

Fixed Route Buses

You will be happy to know that you may obtain a reduced fare on fixed route buses by presenting any one of the following documents: your ADA paratransit eligibility letter, your Documentation of ADA paratransit eligibility form (both of these items will be mailed to you when you are certified), your ADA paratransit eligibility ID card, a Medicare card, or any proof of being age 65 or older.

To see the current fare types and prices on fixed route buses, please follow the link

ADA Eligibility Card

The ADA paratransit eligibility card is used to identify you as someone who has been certified to use paratransit service. You may need this card if you travel outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition, you may use card to travel at a discount on County Connection fixed route buses.