Late Cancellation/No-Show Policy – County Connection

Late Cancellation/No-Show Policy

County Connection LINK is an advance booking system. Trips are booked and space is reserved for each trip booked. Booking rides that you do not take prevents others from booking and getting the rides that they desire.

If you will miss a trip for any reason, call LINK at 925-938-7433 as soon as you know you can’t take the trip. If no one is available to take your call please leave a message including your name, client ID, date and time(s) of trip(s) you wish to cancel.

You must cancel at least one hour before your pick-up window begins. If you cancel too late or miss the trip and do not call to cancel, we will record a ‘no- show’.

A no-show will be recorded:

  • If the ride is cancelled less than one hour before it is scheduled to begin.
  • If the customer is not at the agreed-upon pick-up spot during the 30-minute pick-up window.
  • If the customer doesn’t board within five minutes from when the LINKvehicle arrives during the 30-minute pickup window.
  • If the customer has hand-to-hand service (for passengers who cannotbe left unattended), but a responsible person was not present for the handoff.

Please note that if you “no show” any trip throughout the day, all subsequent trips will remain scheduled until LINK can confirm that these other trips will need to be cancelled.

Excused No-Shows

Passengers will not be penalized for no-shows or late cancelations that are beyond their control. Passengers are encouraged to communicate to LINK staff as soon as possible if their no-show is a result of something completely beyond their control (e.g., a LINK error, delayed medical appointment, medical emergency, death or family emergency).

Suspension for Excessive No-shows

All riders will receive a warning letter if and when they no-show 4 of their total scheduled rides in a calendar quarter (as defined below). All riders will receive a suspension letter if and when they meet both of the following thresholds:

  • 6 No-shows in a calendar quarter; and
  • No-shows for 30% of their total scheduled rides in a calendar quarter.

No rider will be suspended without (a) receiving a warning letter and then (b) accumulating 2 or more additional No-shows.

Calendar quarters are three-month periods defined as:

  • January – March
  • April – June
  • July – September
  • October – December

Passengers who habitually violate the No-show Policy are subject to progressive penalties within a two-year period.

  • First violation: 7-day (1-week) suspension
  • Second violation: 14-day (2-week) suspension
  • Third violation: 21-day (3-week) suspension
  • Fourth and subsequent violations: 28-day (4-week) suspension

Impact on Standing Orders Rides

LINK is not obligated to provide Standing Order rides but does so as a courtesy and convenience to its passengers.You must use your standing ride at least 50% of the time. If you cancel more than half of your standing ride trips in any 30-day period, we will stop providing the standing ride.If your Standing Order is cancelled, you may follow the normal reservation process to book your rides.

Appealing Suspension Decisions

It is your right to appeal penalty decisions made by County Connection LINK. Decisions that you may appeal are:

  • Suspensions for no-shows.
  • Suspensions for violation of Rider Behavior Rules.
  • Determinations of eligibility

Instructions to appeal a County Connection LINK decision are included in eligibility and denial letters as well as all suspension notices.

Appeals are heard by a panel consisting of a LINK staff person, a rider advocate and/or a medical professional.

Riders who appeal a suspension for violation of the No-show Policy may continue riding LINK service pending the outcome of the appeals hearing.

You may bring anyone you wish to an appeal hearing to speak on your behalf. LINK will provide free transportation for you to and from the appeal hearing. LINK will also provide necessary aids/accommodations (including sign language and/or foreign language interpretation) that you request for the appeal hearing, if you request them at least one week in advance.

After the hearing, the panel will decide on whether to uphold the decision or overturn it. The decision of the panel is final. County Connection will notify you of the panel’s decision in writing within five (5) business days of the hearing.