Late Cancellation/No-Show Policy – County Connection

Late Cancellation/No-Show Policy

An individual who demonstrates a pattern or practice of repeated no shows or late cancellations without sufficient notice is in violation of the Late Cancellation/No Show-Policy. The basic penalty results in loss of service after two late cancels or no shows within one month. An individual who violates the Late Cancellation/No-Show Policy is subject to a loss of service for thirty (30) days for the first violation, sixty (60) days for the second violation, and ninety (90) days for the third violation in a calendar year. Sufficient notice is defined as one hour prior to pick-up time in determining no-shows and twenty-four (24 hrs) hours prior to pick-up time in determining cancellations. A person is considered a no-show if County Connection is not notified one hour before scheduled pick- up time or if driver waits five minutes after pick-up time and person is not ready for boarding. Of course, exceptions will be made for illness or other emergencies (including cancellation of a doctor’s appointment by the doctor).

Individuals who have subscription service, and violate the Late Cancellation/No-Show Policy, will be subject to a loss of their subscription service. Individuals who lose their subscription service due to a violation of this policy will not have their subscription service reinstated and will not be eligible for future subscription service.

Individuals who are subject to a loss of service due to violation of the Late Cancellation/No-Show Policy will be notified in writing of the proposed suspension and the basis for suspension, and will have the opportunity to be heard and present information and arguments. County Connection will issue a written notice of the decision including the reasons for the decision. The individual may appeal the decision within sixty (60) days of the notice of service suspension. The individual will have the opportunity to be heard and present information and arguments before an individual or panel not involved in the initial decision. County Connection will issue a written notice of the appeals decision, including the reasons for it.

Cancellation Telephone Number

To cancel your trip, call 925-943-1829. Voicemail with a time and date stamp is available at this number to record your message.

Please call as soon as soon as possible to cancel your trip

  • You must call AT LEAST one hour prior to your scheduled ride time in order to not be considered a “NO SHOW.
  • Cancelling at the door if your pick-up is late will be counted as a “NO SHOW”.