LINK Paratransit Rules and Procedures – County Connection

LINK Paratransit Rules and Procedures

In order to provide safe transportation for all LINK clients, County Connection requires all riders to use a seatbelt. Lap belts will be provided for individuals who use wheelchairs and do not have their own lap belt.

If you are traveling with a child who requires the use of a safety seat, you will need to bring the safety seat with you. County Connection LINK does not provide child safety seats.

County Connection LINK is a door-to-door service. Our LINK drivers are not allowed to:

  • Enter your private residence
  • Take you beyond the front entrance of the hospital, physician’s office complex, shopping center, etc.
  • Lose sight of their vehicle
  • Leave the vehicle when other clients are on board
  • Carry more than four bags of groceries or packages per registered client (each bag cannot exceed 20 pounds in weight)
  • Take individuals in wheelchairs up or down any stairs, steep ramps or inclines
  • Go into rider’s pockets or purses to get fares or house keys

Vehicle Boarding 

  • Passengers should wait at the entrance of their pick-up location and be visible to the driver.
  • Drivers are required to have the vehicle in sight at all times. They will not be able to enter your private residence (this includes your garage) to provide assistance.
  • Drivers will assist you only from your door to the van.
  • When door-to-door service could result in hazardous conditions to LINK passengers, staff or property, service will be provided curbside or at a safe, alternative location.
  • When door-to-door service could result in the possibility of missing passengers and causing confusion (such as at large facilities), service will be provided at predetermined locations.
  • Once passengers have boarded the vehicle, no changes can be made to the trip destination and trip times.

County Connection LINK service is a share-ride service – other riders with different destinations will be picked up and dropped off along the way. Your trip will take longer than if you took a taxi or drove yourself. Pleae be aware that you’ll be picked up and dropped off in the order that is most productive for the service.

Being on-time for LINK service

  • LINK has an “on-time window” of fifteen minutes on either side of your scheduled pick-up time.  The vehicle is considered “on-time” if it arrives up to 15 minutes before your pick-up time or 15 minutes after your pick up time.
  • As a courtesy to other passengers, please plan to be ready 15 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time.
  • Driver will wait for 5 minutes after arriving within the 30 minute on-time window before deciding rider is a no-show.

Attendant or Companion riding with a passenger

  • A personal care attendant or companion may ride with you if they are picked up and dropped off at the same location as you, and there is room on the vehicle.
  • A personal care attendant may ride free of charge if your eligibility determination states that you need one.
  • A companion accompanying you must pay the LINK fare.
  •  When scheduling your trip, notify LINK that a personal care attendant or campanion will accompany you.

Rider Responsibilities & Behavior

Our goal is to provide each customer with a safe, reliable trip. Riders are expected to conduct themselves in a way that insures safe transportation for themselves and others. Individuals who do not demonstrate appropriate behavior while on the vehicle, such as being excessively noisy or getting up from their seats, will be subject to a suspension of their service.

Riders, Companions and Personal Care Attendants MUST

  • Board the vehicle promptly and remain seated. Wear the seatbelt, and keep arms, legs and head inside the vehicle
  • Always pay a fare or have an Advance Fare Payment account with sufficient funds to cover their trip
  • Avoid no-shows and late cancellations

Riders, Companions, and Personal Care Attendants MUST NOT:

  • Eat, drink, play radios or CD’s aloud, or litter on vehicles
  • Soil the vehicle with bodily fluids or waste
  • Fail to maintain acceptable standards of personal hygiene
  • Distract the driver or interfere with the vehicle or equipment
  • Use abusive, threatening, or obscene language
  • Commit violent or illegal actions
  • Fraudulently obtain paratransit service for themselves or others
  • Behave in ways that disrupt the service or delay the vehicle
  • Harass other riders or LINK staff
  • Damage the LINK vehicle

For additional information concerning the suspension policy relating to inappropriate behavior, please call 925-680-2066 or 925-680-2067.

Care Giver Alert: County Connection cannot accept responsibility for individuals who are unable to act on their own behalf. It may be necessary for the care giver to accompany an individual with a cognitive impairment or to provide a personal care attendant.

Riders with mental or cognitive impairments, or with severe memory loss that prohibits them from being safely left on their own at the pick-up or drop-off point, must have an attendant or caregiver present at both locations. If a responsible attendant or caregiver is not present when the driver attempts to drop-off these riders, dispatch will call the emergency contact person noted on the individual’s application. If a responsible attendant or caregiver is not located, the individual will be brought to the closest police station and the situation will be reported to adult protective services.