Paratransit Interagency Travel – County Connection

Paratransit Interagency Travel

Need to schedule a trip that goes outside of the LINK service area? Here is what you need to know.

If your trip is in the service area of the following providers, we can schedule a direct trip (One-Seat Regional Ride) to your destination with no transfers required.

  • County Connection LINK
  • Tri-Delta Transit
  • WestCat

What does a One-Seat ride mean?

A One-seat ride is a direct trip to your final destination with no transfer required

How to book a One Seat Regional Ride

Call 925-680-2134 to book a trip.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the participating agency’s paratransit fares. When you book your one-seat ride, the reservationist will tell you your final fare.

If your trip is in the service area of other Bay Area paratransit providers, we can coordinate your transfer trip with that agency. To schedule a Regional trip the day before service, it is much more likely you will get the reservation you want if you call as early as you can – up to seven days in advance of when you want to travel. We will send you a confirmation 1-2 days in advance of your trip.

What if my Paratransit agency does not participate in the One-Seat program?

If either the origin or destination of your trip is outside the areas served by the four participating agencies, your Paratransit agency will assist you in booking a regular transfer trip, and coordinating all arrangements between your paratransit agency and any connecting agencies participating in your trip.