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Low-Income Fare Equity (LIFE) Program

Free paratransit for passengers with a low income

The LIFE Program is a County Connection service that can help individuals who need financial assistance to ride County Connection LINK paratransit (up to 10 free rides per month).

To qualify, you must:

  • Earn less than 30% of area median income
  • Be registered with LINK Paratransit

Income Eligibility

Eligible riders are people with disabilities who are currently certified as ADA paratransit eligible with County Connection LINK that meet the Extremely Low-Income criteria. Participants must verify that they meet the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Extremely Low-Income criteria by providing proof of certification with similar low-income programs, or other requested verification, to establish eligibility. 

CLICK HERE to see HUD Extremely Low-Income criteria

The HUD Extremely Low-Income Limits for Contra Costa County is as follows 1:

Persons Per HouseholdExtremely Low-Income
(30% of Average Median Income)
1 Income limits by Household Size as of June 2023
Source: US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Application & Contact Information

For more information or to request an application please contact 925-680-2138 or email at life@cccta.org. You may also apply online by click the button below.

Eligibility Requirements

In addition to ADA Paratransit or program certification, the individual must also provide one source of proof of low-income eligibility as noted below. Financial information will be kept confidential. Participants may be asked to re-verify eligibility in the future. 

CLICK HERE to see a list of eligibility requirements

  1. Meet low-income eligibility requirement as determined by participation in one of the listed programs:
    • WIC
    • Medicaid/MediCal
    • SNAP
    • Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants (CAPI) 
    • CalWorks
    • General Assistance (GA)
  2. If individuals are unable to verify using any of the above options, they may be asked to provide one of the following: 
    • Three recent pay stubs 
    • Three recent financial assistance documents
    • Most recent year end social security statement
  3. Program administrators may allow a different form of verification on request if appropriate. 



Participants may be asked to participate in a voluntary survey to solicit input about the program and help inform future iterations of programs.

About the LIFE Program

Contra Costa Transportation Authority partnered with Contra Costa County and County Connection, to bring riders the Low Income Fare Equity (LIFE ) Program. The program is paid for by Contra Costa County’s Measure X funding. The program duration will run until December 2024 or until program funds are expended. A review of the program will occur at three and six months to consider funding availability and/or eligibility adjustments. This program does not apply to One-Seat Ride.

The LIFE Program is paid for by Measure X, a tax-funded initiative to help those most vulnerable in Contra Costa County.

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